If you found an open container of Cool Whip in the back of your refrigerator, left by a dinner guest, what would you do?

There are choices to make every day, and every minute.  We take the information we have, and do the best we can at the time and do the best we can to balance EVERYONE’S interests.

My hope for this space is to chronicle our journey, and to share information I find.  What I’m doing with it now probably won’t be what I’ll do with it 10 years from now.  Maybe it will be.   I’m just excited for the journey!

I found a container of Cool Whip in the refrigerator, left here after a dinner.  And yes- I fed it to my lactose intolerant daughter for dessert.  She loved it!  Her sister gets yogurt, ice cream, chocolate milk…and Mimi doesn’t.  She gets homemade soymilk.  And tonight, she got dessert too, with sprinkles and chocolate sauce on top.  Was it healthy?  No, and neither was her sister’s ice cream.  But it was already made, already shipped, and already here.

It’s all a journey.


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  1. I buy dried coconut milk from Wilderness Family Naturals in a 5# bag. It’s in our emergency kit in case we have to filter lake water to drink after an earthquake or some disaster but it is so convenient I sometimes sneak it to use in recipes. The footprint is much smaller buying it that way and there is no BPA produced to line the cans. It would make excellent ice cream! In fact sometimes we melt coconut oil and mix with cocoa powder & maple syrup then let it harden in the fridge in ice cube trays to eat as candy.

    PCC did a big debunking of coconut oil being unhealthy a few years back so I use it as much as I can now. It’s my go-to oil next to olive. Many, many dairy free things you can make with a coconut.

  2. To every life a little Cool Whip must fall…

  3. How does she deal with the milk content in the chocolate sauce? I just was diagnosed with dairy allergy a couple years ago (sadly, not just lactose otherwise Lactaid would be my drug of choice…) and it’s been getting worse ever since I did an allergy elimination diet.

    I’ve been having to take out a lot of stuff from my diet and crying about it every day. Just kidding…sort of. Looking forward to seeing what other suggestions you have. Feeling like I have glass shards in my stomach because I couldn’t stay away from the dairy is not my idea of a good time.

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