Front Yard Update and 2010 Seeds

“Before” pictures of the front yard!  The rock wall was already dismantled at this point- we discovered on Saturday that the buried retaining wall (you can see the first stones, next to the steps) goes parallel to the driveway, then cuts over to just past the carved stump (on the street side) then goes down towards the street again.  We thought it was much closer to the street.  So much dirt to move!

We thought we could pile it all in the backyard and use if to planting beds, etc. but this is going to be a LOT of soil.  Our neighbor poked his head out while my husband was working  and mentioned he wants to expand his concrete patio, but would of course need dirt to build it up first.  Excuse me fine neighbor, I know where you can get dirt for an excellent deal!

For anyone interested, this is what we already have in our yard that’s edible:

  • 1 ancient and huge plum tree (italian prune, very popular in this area)
  • 2 young fig trees, probably won’t bear for another year on the older one, and 3 or 4 for the newer.
  • a messy tangle of mint and lemon balm filling in a spot next to the garage- don’t worry, it can’t escape!
  • wild huckleberries
  • wild blackberries

This what’s in the seed pile right now for the garden:

  • green arrow pea  (these might be gone- I planted them early, and the crows and squirrels dug most of them up)
    tom thumb pea  (again, see above.  I hope some survived!)
    golden zucchini
    ground cherry
    table queen squash
    blacktail mountain watermelon (if I start these indoors and trellis them, I’m hoping to get a harvest)
    early silverline melon (see above)
    rainbow chard
    calypso bean
    royalty purple pod bean
    purple potatoes (organic potatoes from my CSA- I plant them in garbage cans, more on that later)
    Early Wonder Beets
    Olympia Spinach
    Giant Musselburg Leeks (planted these in flats last week, they’re just coming through the soil)
    Genovese Basil  (this did GREAT on my deck in a pot last year)
    Royal Burgundy Beans
    Roma Tomato
    Sweet 100 Tomato (I might one or two of these in hanging baskets, a la the “Topsy Turvy” planter idea.)
    Yellow Pear Tomato
    Early Girl Tomato
    Carpet of Snow Alyssum (white)
    Marigold Starfire Signet Mix (I just read that these are edible!)
    Royal Carpet Alyssum (purple)
  • Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
  • Lemon Queen Sunflower

I’m also planning on bringing over some blueberry bushes from my mom’s garden- they don’t get enough sun there.  If we don’t get it done this spring, we’ll do it in the Fall.   My neighbor (on the other side from where we’re digging) really wants a blueberry hedge, and offered to water it.  Yes, this is the same man that wants chickens.  He’s great!

I’ve had miserable luck gardening in the backyard- since we’re next to a greenbelt, it’s lovely and shaded, and very horrible for vegetables.  I planted tomatillos in the front yard last year, and they went crazy (like, 5 pounds a week crazy from 15 plants) so I’m really hoping that my veggies can survive.  I caught the gardening bug early this year- I haven’t had good luck with seeds in the past.  Let’s hope this year is different, or my yard is going to awfully ugly *grin* My mom has a green house, so she’ll start the tomatoes and melons and squash for me.  She likes to plant the entire seed packet, and then we quickly try and find lots of friends to give them to when they’re ready to transplant.  Last year she gave basil to all her friends at church for Mother’s Day- it was a big hit!

Have you planned your garden yet for this year?  I’m interested to see what everyone is doing!


4 Responses

  1. That’s a great lineup. Good luck moving all that dirt!

  2. I’ve got broccoli and head lettuce planted. I need to start my strawberries inside to get them going, it’ll warm up outside soon enough, but it’s not there yet.

  3. [see above post]

    Yup – my garden is all lined up. 😉

    Seriously, though…all I plan on doing this year in the yard is figuring out where the sun is. The back yard might be a wash…but I’d like to do some pretty edibles in the front.

  4. I’m still deciding whether to plant my big, huge garden or to raise chickens in part of it and then use the moveable planters for my veggies. It just a constant battle against weeds and also a HUGE endeaver to prepare the soil and turn it over. …Not sure what I will do this year, but I better decide fast, huh? I usually don’t plant from seeds, except for kale, corn, spinach and onions. Everything else goes in as a young plant.

    Talking about this makes me hungry for a salad!

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