Rice Milk Fail

I had hoped to follow the soy milk tutorial with a photo journey through making rice milk for the first time- complete failure!  I’ve never had rice milk, but the gelatinous goop I made can’t be what people drink, right?

The recipe said to take 1/2 cup dry rice or 1 cup cooked rice, and cook it in 4 cups water until very soft.  Blend in a blender, let sit 45 minutes, and then strain through cheese cloth.

I tried to use my tea towel and it would NOT drain!  The goo just sat there, looking….gooey.  I tried gathering up the sides and twisting, like I do for the soy milk.  A ha!  It’s draining!  Draining, yes.  Filtering, no- I pushed every bit of that goo through the towel.

Is rice milk tasty?  Tasty enough to try this again?  I don’t think this would be a regular drink for us- as far as I can see, it has almost no nutritive qualities.  But if it’s really tasty, it might make a nice treat for Mimi.


4 Responses

  1. Heh…did you try giving her the goop?

  2. Rice milk…. interesting. Don’t they add a ton of vitamins into the stuff they sell at the stores, in order to make it more nutritious?

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