Quiet Days

My girls both woke up with sniffles Wednesday  morning- we’ve been quarantined ever since.  My oldest, Ernie, is having the best week she can remember in a long time!  We’ve made cookies and valentines and play dough and 3 batches of bread.  We’ve cuddled up on the couch to watch movies (Miyazaki films are our favorite right now) and eat popcorn, we’ve read stories, and we’ve colored.  I canceled all but one of my piano lessons since they got sick, and it’s been so lovely to slow down and let our days unfold.  (And that includes putting the girls to be early if they just can’t cope for another half hour!)

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather the last little bit- I felt a twinge of guilt writing to my little brother telling him about our week.  He lives in the DC area right now, working as a missionary.  He sent a laughing note back saying he’s worn jeans more days in a row the past week than he has since he left home!  Every day another church member calls with the offer “I’ll drive you here and feed you, if you’ll come help shovel!”  He and his companion have been shoveling snow for days for church members and their neighbors, and anyone else who asks.  Some day he can tell his kids that he shoveled his way through “Snowmageddon 2010.”

I read in The End of Food (by Paul Roberts) that an official in Britain reported the country was 6 days away from anarchy- that’s how long it would take the grocery stores to run out of food.  Grocery stores rely on frequent truck deliveries- it’s called a Just In Time (JIT) system.  In a factory, it can be brilliant.  In business school I heard stories of factories that had their processes timed so precisely that inputs were taken from the truck at the loading dock directly to the factory line.  Zero lag time, zero inventory.  Grocery stores don’t store huge quantities of food- they leave that job to warehouses.  In my family, we leave that job to ourselves-  I have hundreds of pounds of wheat, oats, sugar, flour, and beans.  I have oil and yeast.   My pantry is full of canned food, potatoes, and noodles.  I have a freezer full of butter, fruits, cheeses, and a little meat.  I’m glad I do.  It’s so nice to know that when we want to have a quiet week as a family, we can.


4 Responses

  1. I have NEVER heard a more compelling reason to store food…It’s not Alarmist. It’s just a fact – if those truck lines get disrupted, for ANY reason, your neighborhood is in a WORLD of hurt.

  2. I hope the girls are feeling better! But with all the fun in the kitchen, the sniffles MAY just hang around a little longer…just coz it’s so much fun. 🙂

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