The Sunday Visitor

Sunday was a LONG day for our family- I accompanied my little brother and his friend while they sang a duet for their church service.  His meeting was at 11:30, which meant that my whole family came to listen to him sing, so we could leave straight after his service to go to our own.  The kids are still sick so I kept them out of their primary classes- they came to my women’s meeting.  Remarkably, they didn’t mind one bit: one of the gals brought cupcakes for everyone (we’re a small congregation, perhaps 15 women on a good day) and my friend blithely handed each of my daughters a chocolate bakery cupcake while I was playing the opening song on the piano, and then leading the women in a practice hymn.  When I came down from the pulpit, Ernie (my four-year-old) was using her fingers to pick every last crumb from her cupcake wrapper.  I silently took the wrapper and pointed to her skirt, and she started hoovering up those crumbs as well.  Better they be in her mouth than on the chapel floor!

Mimi, the toddler, was no where to be found…and neither was my friend, Miryam.  “Donde va Miryam?” I asked Hermano Mayorga (probably in completely nonsensical Spanish-  we’re attending a spanish-speaking congregation right now, and the last time I spoke Spanish was the year I took it in high school.)  She had taken my daughter to the bathroom, where Mimi emerged from dripping water from her chin.  “Chocolate….chocolate, chocolate!” my friend exclaimed while waving her hand energetically around her own face.  Miryam’s English skills are on par with my Spanish skills- our conversations are hilarious, you should hear them.  I understood her point though, and thanked her profusely for cleaning my chocolate-loving baby (while silently hoping, for once, that those cupcakes had hydrogenated-fat-filled frosting, and NOT dairy based.)

We arrived home from church, the kids sugar-filled and sorely missing their naps.  Daddy wrestled them into tired and happy giggles (with a few unhappy shrieks, because…they ARE kids) while I warmed up the curry base I had made the day before and started bread dough rising to make naan- we had a special Sunday dinner, with lots of our favorites!  The curry simmering on the stove, and the bread rising under the stove light, I came to play with the girls.  I lay on my back and bench-pressed Mimi when I saw something huge swoop into our tree.  I’ve never seen a bald eagle so close!  He came twice- I snapped away with my camera and muttered under my breath, wondering why I hadn’t taken the time to practice before hand…because obviously I should have known that our national bird was going to land in my backyard one day and I’d need to rush to my bedroom to unpack the camera, change the lens to the telephoto, run outside in my slippers, and breathlessly snap 30 or so pictures before he flew away.  I think this shot turned out OK- I wonder what he was looking for?  The bunnies who eat our lawn?  The cats who prowl around the neighborhood through their network of fence-holes?  The squirrels who have made my back deck into a highway?  Maybe he was just hiding below the tree cover from the crows?  Whatever it was, he took off a second time and didn’t come back.

Dinner was good, and we had a nice Valentine’s Day.  I hope you did too!

4 Responses

  1. Oooh…pretty!

  2. That is a gorgeous shot. No worries. And I loved the chocolate cupcake story.

  3. That’s awesome! I’d never be able to get something like that with my camera, even with lots and lots of practice

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