Spring is Coming!

(Lungwort, or Pulmonaria)

The bulbs, the mint, the forsythia, the lungwort…everything is saying that Spring is coming!  It seems a bit early this year, but we’re still getting night temps in the 30’s- I watch the ground thaw, like a tide coming towards the house, as the sun moves higher every morning.  By noon everything is frost-free, and by 2 the kids are outside in the yards drinking it all in.  My baby, especially, is crazy for the sun- she’ll come up to me with her boots and thick coat, pleading with her enormous eyes for me to PLEASE dress her and send her outside!  I’m glad we have a gated deck, so I can send her out and keep an eye on her.  (Unfortunately she and her sister love to play with spray  bottles, and the big girl’s favorite game is “Give the baby a shower.”  Mimi comes in soaked- I had to chastise this morning, when the chill hadn’t worked it’s way out yet and Ernie was dousing her sister.)

Some sweet friends have been mailing me more seeds- I have butternut squash and sugar pumpkin from a fellow Freecycler- I sent her away with all my seeds from the last two years, and she mailed me some saved seeds from her favorite squashes.  What a sweetheart!  A good friend just south of us has an amazing urban garden every year, and she has been VERY generous in her gifts.  She sent peppers and brussels sprouts seeds, to round out the garden.  My leeks are still growing in the windowsill, and it’s time to get a bunch of other stuff started!  I hope everything goes well this year, and I don’t kill it all!


2 Responses

  1. Your garden sounds really exciting!!

    Know what we’re thinking of planting? A hot tub. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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