How was your day?

Sometimes I have to laugh when someone says “I don’t know how you do all these things!” because there’s always someone else wondering when I’m going to pick up the pace 🙂  And I feel so VERY LAZY most days.

I guess I better get used to my kitchen looking like this!

It is the most used room in our house, by far, and it’s almost never clean during daylight hours!

I’m not even sure what my point is right now.  Today Ernie got up at 6 and put in a movie for herself, and the baby and I got up at 7.  We nursed and breakfasted, showered,  and I made soy milk.  The mom in charge of teaching our co-op preschool today called at 8- her daughter had pink eye, and one of the other girls was sick.  School was cancelled?  I called up the two other healthy families and offered to host a VERY low-key preschool day if their girls wanted to get out of the house- school was cancelled last week due to illness as well, so all the healthy girls were getting a little antsy to see their friends again!

We had a great school day, and everyone was gone by 12:30.  We read stories and acted them out, had a snack, and the girls played dress up.  My kids went down for quiet time/naps, and I took care of budgeting/blog reading/e-mails for an hour until the baby woke up.  She and I went downstairs to play with beads and look through old photos, and Ernie joined us around 3:30.  We played for a bit, and I got ready to teach my afternoon piano lessons.  Lessons finished at 5:15, I warmed up some pinto beans from the freezer and made a batch of cornbread and we ate around 5:45, and then got cleaned up and chatted with Dad after he got home from work.  The kids got ready for bed at 7, and I went running with a friend at 7:45.  And now here I am, wondering why my kitchen isn’t clean 🙂  I think I better get showered and get off this couch, because tomorrow is going to be a busy day too!  (And can someone run to the store for me?  ‘kay, thanks 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Ha. Your day sounds MUCH calmer than mine. A lot of saying, “go PLAY, guys!!!”

  2. i like your new blog. i’ve been reading along, although i haven’t left many comments.

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