2010 Companion Planting in the Garden

Planning a large garden is one of the more intellectually challenging things I’ve done recently- how many beds?  What goes in each bed?  Which plants are “companions” and which are “adversaries”?  What about successive plantings- how long will each plant stay in the ground?  And why does this matter so much to me?  And why do I suddenly feel gardening-challenged?

(A friend on facebook just informed me “On this side the garden thing works out fine.  Never really cared about which plants planted next to each other.”  Well…umm…I’m trying to stack the deck.  Since I DON’T live in the sunny side of the state.  🙂

As of right now, here are my groupings:

In pots: tom thumb pea, leeks, genovese basil, potatoes, beets, green onions, cut-and-come again salad mixes, cilantro, and carrots.  (They’ll be in the ground as well.)

In my trellis zone: green arrow pea, Alaska bush pea, blacktail mountain watermelon, butternut squash, early silverline melon, golden zucchini, sugar pumpkin, table queen squash, calypso pole bean, royalty purple pod pole bean.

In my “nightshade” garden: Early Girl tomato, ground cherry, peppers, Roma tomato, Sweet 100 Tomato, Yellow Pear Tomato.

Finally, the cabbage/beet garden: broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, beets, and rainbow chard.

I planned most of the garden using The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible.  I highly recommend it!  (And I am beyond sad that I haven’t found a copy for myself, and the one I’ve been using is due back at the library.)

My next step is to plug everything into this chart and see what I can do about succession planting.  If you want to get a little deeper into gardening, but are feeling at loose ends about how to organize everything, check out that chart and cruise around the rest of the gardening bits of their blog.  Tons of great information, garden plans, etc.  Here is a great article on interplanting.  There’s a link to companion planting rules here.

Happy planting, guys!

PS- As of right now leeks are growing on the window sill, peppers and brussels sprouts are trying to germinate on top of my fridge, and peas are poking out of the ground in the yard.  Tomatoes, melons, squash, basil, and ground cherries are germinating in my mom’s greenhouse.  So far so good!  I managed to miss my window for starting broccoli indoors (oopsies), so I’m going to plant it late summer for a fall crop instead.

PPS- I realized this afternoon I don’t HAVE carrot and swiss chard seeds.  How did I miss those?!  I’m scared to walk back  into the seed section at the store- I always head in for 2 things and come out with 15 packets.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck in the seed section! I have banned myself until all of our new additions arrive. Lest I have to dig up the house for more space. That being said, I think the front lawn might be gone this year. 😉

    • A girl came to the door hawking fertilizer- “What are you plans for your lawn this year?” “I’m going to tear it out and plant vegetables.” “Really!? That’s great!…..ummm…. we do trees, too?” Heh 🙂

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