Do You Know Where Your Milk Comes From?

I’d been planning a post on locating the source of your milk, as soon as I could *find* more information!

Behold the power of the internet/blogosphere/subscribing to over 300 blogs.

HT to Adam Kuban over at Serious Eats (and via The PreSurfer), here’s a link for Where is my  milk from?

Plug in the warehouse/dairy code on your gallon of milk, and it will shoot back a google map complete with “pin” in the location of your dairy, and a list of products that dairy produces.  Obviously, it doesn’t tell you where the COWS are, but you can get a good idea.

For example, it lists my local Costco milk as from “Darigold” located on Rainier Avenue, downtown Seattle.  Ummm…let’s just say the cows are somewhere in Washington, yes?  Because we have a LOT of cows in Washington.  Fred Meyer’s house brand milk on the other hand, comes from Portland, a three and a half hour drive away just over the state line.  Until I can afford $6/gallon organic/local milk…I’ll take Costco-priced local milk!

The website can also locate other dairy products, coffee creamers, soy milks, etc.


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  1. Pretty cool!

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