Both my kids are coming down with “something.”  Oh, it’s the dreaded something- they’re a bit whiney, take a teeny bit longer naps than usual, and have epic tantrums over monumental problems.  (Like…toothpaste.  And milk.)  The baby has a slight (101) fever and a runny nose, so at least we can put a name to her something.

****Note:  Yes, she is 18 months old.  Yes, I will continue to call her “baby” for the foreseeable future.****

When Ernie is out of sorts, there’s always a reason.  No one LIKES to be grumpy.  No one CHOOSES to sleep poorly (Mimi, I’m looking at you kid.)  No one wants to be out of control and uncomfortable in their own skin.

As mom, it’s my job to help Ernie learn how to “re-set.”  Ernie loves to learn.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.  We sat together this morning and talked about something…what was it…I can’t even remember.  The three states of matter?  Something science.  She ran around the breakfast table to give me a huge hug and kiss, right in the middle of our conversation.  Learning fills her heart.

When she’s out of control, she needs a challenge.  Something she can learn, something that’s her own.  A new game, a new fact, a new fairy tale to act out, a new book to read.  After dinner two nights ago we sat and practiced all the different ways we could think of to write capital and lower case letters, and numbers too.  There are two ways to draw every number except 5, 6, and 0!  Did you realize that?  Maybe there are more.  I helped her decorate a doll this afternoon, so she could have something she made.  Just little things to help her learn to gain control.

I’ve not been sleeping much lately, and feeling crummy so it’s taken a little more thought than usual to focus on the REAL needs of the kids beyond food/play time/stories/sleep.  Does anyone have activities that will help your preschoolers snap back to themselves?  Add them below!


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  1. I wish I could help. Ming Wai’s “re-set” is usually either a snuggle and a hushed conversation followed by Helping Mommy, a tantrum in her room (after which Playing Rationally And Tantrumless looks pretty good to her) or…an earlier bedtime.

    Good luck!!!

  2. My little one likes pattern puzzles. We’ve got Tangrams and I just ordered pattern linkers. It also helps for her to get outside to play in the sand(our walkway) with her bucket and shovel, or swing on the swing set. Sunshine and fresh air seem to brighten up everyone.

  3. two ways to do zero! with the line through it. i love that your kid needs to learn something whenever she is grumpy.

  4. No refocusing hints to add, but if you also include making the numbers in a “block” script – you know – the kind used for university sports – does that make 3 ways or were you already counting those? Just a thought….

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