What to do about Easter?

My family loves celebrating Easter- we love the religious aspects, the easter egg scrambles/hunts at the park, kids learning songs to sing in church, pretty new dresses in spring colors (a welcome addition after the long winter).  I’m stuck on the baskets, though.

Santa Claus, I can understand.  He has a toy shop, he brings toys and fills stockings.  Cool.

But the easter bunny?  What?  How does he get in?  Does he have a sack?  Do I just tell the kids “I don’t know who left you a basket full of goodies!  How exciting!”

And then there’s the basket itself- do I go against the flow in our house, and purchase candy?  (For the Easter eggs, probably.)  Does the bunny also purchase toys?  Or, does my handiwork have such a strong signature to it that my four-year-old will immediately know that “Mommy made this?”

Will the bunny be visiting your house this year?  What will he bring?

12 Responses

  1. We don’t do the Easter Bunny. We tell the kids that we’ve put together some baskets and hid eggs for them to find. It hasn’t been a problem so far. It makes it easier for me to switch around the actual festivities too because I don’t like doing that stuff on Sunday. I buy candy, but this year I’m going to try making the baskets if I have time.

  2. We went shopping two weeks ago, with the kids in tow, and picked out eggs, candy, baskets and new spring clothes. We brought them home…and I’ll be durned if that wiley Easter Bunny didn’t snatch everything away and hide it! Don’t worry, though – he’ll bring it back on Easter.

    Which, incidentally, is this Sunday. Heh. I’m going to roast a chicken. 😉

    Nontraditional much?

  3. Here’s what my Mom always did, and what I’m trying to follow. Each of us kids would have a basket hidden somewhere, usually inside, but sometimes outside. The Easter bunny would bring a toy to be played with outside. So a mini-golf game, or horseshoes, or the like. Or bubbles, or jump ropes.
    We do a small amount of candy. An addition from Jeff’s family, some of the eggs have money in them.
    But, growing up we always kind of knew the Easter bunny wasn’t real, or at least that’s how I remember it.

  4. We don’t do Easter Bunny, either. However, we do have an easter egg hunt in the house.
    Some will have candy in them, but most have little things like stickers, erasers…

  5. A friend’s husband got creative with a family member this year. He had a relative in a white bunny costume knock on the door(early this year since he was so busy getting ready). When the door was opened he ran through the house dropping things in various rooms as he went and was good enough at dodging the kids that he escaped out the back door in the backyard without being caught by the kids. The kids got fishing poles out of the deal. They miraculously landed on their beds in the scramble. I thought it was cute when I read it.

  6. We aren”t playing up the Easter Bunny, but there will be baskets, and hopefully a hunt (at my uncles house in Orange County). I am making bunny finger puppets to put in the baskets, and probably there will be a stuffed animal or toy (teethers for Vi) and then some candy… I try to fill it up with other stuff so there is less room for candy… as my MIL just stuffed her baskets for the girls with sugar. I grew up with the Easter Bunny, and it was fun to think he was there, even though we knew he wasn’t real.

  7. Is it more wrong that their Easter present is a food dehydrator or that they will actually really like it?

  8. I don’t think you can get very much past E.

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