Thoughts on Baking and Dirty Spoons

Hello my lovelies, this is a check-in.  Yes, yes I posted about Easter baskets.  But you know, that doesn’t really feel like it COUNTS.

Spring is a lovely season, and a favorite for so many people, but there are a handful out there that thinks it just STINKS.  It’s raining!  It’s snowing!  It’s 70 degrees!  What will tomorrow hold?  Who knows, but pack a coat.  And sunscreen.

I spent my morning recently baking- blueberry muffins from a (reprinted) original edition Betty Crocker tome.  French bread from my favorite bread recipe.  I realized again that when you decide to do something yourself, you spend a lot of time doing it!  (And cleaning up afterwards- where is my dish fairy?)  Out with the plastic bread bags!  In with the floury hands and dirty mixing bowls!  (Sidenote: I need more wooden spoons.  Four isn’t enough anymore, they always seem to be in the drain board and not my crock.)  My husband’s aunt, whom I haven’t seen in nearly a year, complimented me recently on how skinny I’m getting, which just cracks me up because I make cookies every week, Sunday normally has a pretty serious dessert involved,  I bake tons of bread (which friends always say they CAN’T do because they’d get fat).  But you know, when you have to go the trouble of making cookies whenever you feel like eating them, it’s a lot more difficult than cruising the cookie aisle, yeah?

I’ll be back with great news about yogurt and milk, sad news about brussels sprouts, and other such stuff.  Till then!


3 Responses

  1. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the news on the brussels sprouts!!

    And…have I mentioned lately that I love this blog? 🙂

    And…something that I thought was happening early Wednesday am is happening early TUESDAY am. I wrote it down wrong on the wall calendar. Sadness. 😦 (hint – it involves a car service and JFK.)

  2. uh-oh? I’m dieing to hear about brussel sprouts too 😛

    And I truly admire how you stick to all that baking. Really. I wanna be like you…. er, after summer, in the fall. Hehe…

  3. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear that the sprouts, well didn’t sprout. Hoping you have more success with the rest!

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