Pacific Northwest Garden in the Spring

Spring is here, and golly she’s a fickle gal.  It’s sunny!  Wear a t-shirt!  Nevermind, it’s hailing- we’re not going to the park, kids.  Sunny!  RAINING BUCKETS, THE NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE JUST FLOATED AWAY!


I’m just glad my seeds are smart, and can handle this kind of Pacific Northwest crazy.

The Italian Prune tree bloomed brilliantly, only to be battered by the weather. I hope we get fruit this year!


Mmm, the bush peas are doing OK though! I’ll plant more this week, if I can find a spot I know we won’t be digging up in the next few weeks. (I’ll get back to you on that one, I’m kind of crying inside wondering if I can possibly salvage my favorite plants.  We have a LOT of digging to do, and those plants will only survive transplanting if we do it fast.)


The raspberries are leafing out already! I wonder if I’m too late to transplant more from Mom’s yard?

Seeds are actually sprouting in the garden box too- by summertime it’s too shady to grow much of anything, but I’m hoping to sneak an early spring crop in before the trees leaf out. But, of course, it would have helped TREMENDOUSLY when thinning time comes if I’d remembered to write down what was where in this box. I planted beets, chard, mustard greens… I’m sure I’ll be able to tell what’s what by the time I need to thin, right? Right?  At least I planted them in squares.

I paid a visit to Mom’s greenhouse last week and saw the tomatoes (four kinds!), basil, melons, squash…everything is doing well.  Well, ground cherries hadn’t shown their heads yet.  And a certain kind of squash.  But we’ll forgive them, just this once.  Leeks and peppers are still alive in my kitchen.

But I promised you sad news, and sad indeed it is.  I planted 24 brussels sprouts, 1 seed germinated…and then I must have sneezed on it or something, because it just keeled over and died.  Saddest thing you ever saw.  I’ll try again in the fall, though- I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!  If you haven’t had them steamed then caramelized in a pan and doused liberally with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, cooked just long enough so that the cheese makes crispy crackers around the bottom…do not even TRY to talk to me about your loathing of this cruciferous vegetable.  Me and brussels sprouts, we’re tight.  (Oh, and recipe is here.  You’ll thank me next Thanksgiving.)


4 Responses

  1. That’s the saddest brussels sprouts story I ever heard……

    Year for other things living, though!

  2. Just wanted to send my condolences regarding your brussels sprout.

    I tried raising one from a start last year with a sad ending as well. It actually grew to be tall, hearty, and neat-looking in general – but then suffered some strange grayish bug infestation. I tried so many products to get those guys to leave my beloved brussels alone, but to no avail.

    I just buy mine at the store now. Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to try that one soon!

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