A New Frontier

First off, in my mad attempt to Inform As Many People As Possible, And Save Them Years of Searching For Information Like I Have, I’ll be contributing over at Mormon Mommy Blogs occasionally.  As often as I manage to write a coherent post, and find a relevant, creative-commons, picture.  It’s turning out to be a lot harder than I thought when I answered their query for new contributors on a whim.  (Boy was I surprised to get their invitation!!)  Funny thing, I haven’t even been reading that blog, but I figure I have a pretty good chance of at least finding SOME like-minded mommies, right?  I hope?  (They’re few and far between on the ground around here, I love each and every crunchy one of you!!!)

Second, I’m itching for a new project.  Nevermind that I have a million in process here (OK, not a million, but the every other day diaper loads, the twice a week bread, the Garden In Process, the pile of to-be-rescued clothing…I have stuff to do, never fear.)

Nevertheless, I want to learn something new.  Never give in to apathy!  That’s my  motto 🙂

So, my current skill set:

  • bread making, and all other cooking
  • natural cleaning.  Cleaning day smells of vinegar.
  • cloth diapering
  • gardening
  • vermicomposting
  • regular composting
  • sewing (clothes, dolls)
  • jewelry making
  • piano, organ, singing
  • running a (very small) home business
  • proper exercise and nutrition for various family members
  • chickens (No, I don’t have any but I’ve sure read a LOT!)
  • Teaching- piano, homeschooling, etc.
  • accounting and Spreadsheet Skillz.  I love Excel.  The end.
  • Photography (it’s a work in process, but I AM getting better!)
  • writing
  • Food storage, and pantry cooking (YES, I have a year’s supply of rice, beans, wheat, and sugar in my basement.  YES, that’s a whole lotta #10 cans.)

What’s my next project? What should I be researching?  My goal is to be self-sufficient.  Not really in a hide-in-the-woods, THE-MAN-will-never-catch-me type of way, but I want to say “I can do that” as often as possible.  My kids need to learn?  I can do that.  My family needs to eat?  I can do that.  I need to support my family financially, I CAN DO THAT, or at least I would be able to if called on.  (Oh, and cloth diapers…come on, NOBODY has a year’s supply of disposable diapers on hand in their “year supply.”  Cloth diapers are the ONLY WAY!  At least purchase a dozen prefolds and a plastic cover or two, and throw them in the closet for “just in case” *grin*)

I can do it, I can do it.  With the Lord’s help I can do anything, but the more I learn and do  BEFORE I’m asked to do something, the better off I’ll be, eh?


5 Responses

  1. Hrm…I’m stumped! I get my inspiration from reading other blogs and magazines…and then saying, “I can do that!” *grin*

  2. How about soap making or natural cosmetics. I have fun with this…many different recipes for facial masks, deodorant, soap, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc. I’d love to see what you come up with.

  3. Oh wow – your skill set is impressive.
    As for me, after the counsel we recently received in General Conference, I’ve decided I have been taking the scriptures for granted. I forget who gave the talk reminding us how blessed we are to have our own copies of the scriptures, but it was counsel I needed! So I am trying to get more out of and be more consistent with my scripture reading.
    Good luck to you with your new research/skill!

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