I happened to have my camera in hand this morning, and shot a few pictures.

Bread rising- my standard wheat/white loaves. I’ve started baking them on cookie sheets, like french bread, rather than in loaf pans. Smaller loaves makes smaller slices, that fit better in smaller hands (and stomachs.) These little 1/4 batch loaves were fun today!
bread rising

Peppers are still chugging along. I feel like they ought to be BIGGER, but then again I’m discovering (again) that I’m a rather impatient person. Perhaps gardening will teach me some life lessons?  (I see the second leaf sets starting!  yay!)
pepper seedlings

I might say I’m late planting these, but I’m dragging my feet. The patty pan seeds are from last year, I also plan on growing zucchini in the garden, and I’ve heard that summer squash will cross-pollinate when placed too close to each other. Not only would I be leaving bagfuls of baseball bat zucchini on my neighbor’s porches, it would be MUTANT baseball bat zucchini! Que horror! (Is acorn squash a summer squash too? Because I’ll be growing that as well…oh my.)
Seeds to plant

Mmm, these make me happy, and they’re not even mine! A birthday present to my dad, they were left behind after the cake and festivities from last night’s birthday party. But gosh, aren’t they wonderful? I’m smitten whenever I have fresh flowers in the house, and can never bring myself to cut anything from the yard because then it would DIE. Nevermind it would die anyway, that’s the rational and natural order of things. But..but..the neighbors wouldn’t see it! And I wouldn’t see it in the yard! And…are you getting the idea that I’m a little neurotic? Yeah, me too.


5 Responses

  1. Great pictures! I especially love the last one. 🙂

  2. *sigh* If you ever feel overwhelmed, head over to your own blog, and just imagine that your entire life is as ordered and lovely as the one you paint here. LOL Seriously!

  3. Thanks for the bread tip! I used to make bread all the time, but the kiddos didn’t like it. They wanted the perfect store bread, sigh. I get Target’s multigrain, so at least it’s fairly healthy.

    I might try the mini loafs…the cutest factor might get my little one to eat them! The big one won’t be swayed. ; )

    My seeds are coming along as well. I’ll have to take a shot of them, and share my plans for the garden.

    I got a soaker hose from Dollar General, so things may do better this year. I recently learned that Lowe’s is now carrying water barrels! I made my own(garbage with hole in lid attached to the gutters), but I’d love one with a spigot on the bottom to attach the soaker hose. I think I might end up ordering one online if I can’t find it.

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