Nursing Mommy

Bed Time

I counted it up the other day.  So far I have spent FORTY-TWO months of my life nursing children.  That’s forty-two months of cuddles, forty-two months of instant comfort and connection, forty-two months of never wearing a dress. (At least for more than a few hours.)

There are so many benefits to nursing- the endorphins for mommy, the uterus-shrinking and magical oxytocin post-birth, the connection between mommy and child, the…weight loss…. 🙂  Not to mention the phenomenal nutritional benefits to the child, eating a food created JUST for them.  Then there’s the immune system boost.  Oh the cost- can’t beat free!

I never intended to nurse my first baby for a “long time.”  It just happened.  And it’s happened again with my second, which I love.  I’d be OK if she decided it was time to wean (and I know we’re in that process right now, it won’t be much longer I don’t think.)  I’ve been so blessed, being able to be home with my girls- with no judgement intended on anyone who uses formula, I’m so grateful my kids have never tasted it.  In fact, they’ve never even had a bottle!

5 Responses

  1. Such a cute picture!

  2. Aww… great photo.

    Whew! You are Great, mama. I managed to nurse about a total of 24 months… until the girls decided that they prefer solids.

  3. I did the 42 month thing too. It’s hard at the end because it’s not about the nursing. It’s about moving on and knowing you’ll never have that part of your relationship again. It’s one step closer to them growing up and moving out.

    When I was a kid I remember reading the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and crying for the tree. It was so sad that she gave and gave and gave and the boy wasn’t thankful while taking it all and wanting more. Now that I’m a mom I cry for the tree because she had the chance to give as much of herself that she could for the boy’s happiness and growth so that he could follow his own course in life.

    It’s hard for both you and your babies to be ready for the next stage at exactly the same time. But the time comes and you both enter the next stage and it’s better than the last one, as sorry as you are to have that last one end.

    Take the time to appreciate each stage because it too will soon end and you’ll be at the next next stage.


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