Are You Ready?

I was going to write a gushing post about a fantastic garden walk-through we attended today, hosted by, but I feel weird posting pictures of her yard, so I’ll let you take yourself over to her fantastic blog and read about what they do in their yard- it’s inspiring and beautiful!

So. China, haiti, Mexico, California…all earthquakes. Iceland has that volcano, with apparently a neighboring volcano set to spout off soon as well.

Please. I am begging you, don’t let your response be “Wow. That stinks, wonder what they’ll do about it?”

What are you doing to get ready? I live near Seattle. COME ON. I live on a fault line. Yes, it practically runs down my street. I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out what more we can do to get ready. There WILL be earthquakes here, there is no question of that. I have water (maybe not enough, I haven’t counted.) We have food (good golly and gravy do we have food.) We have “survival kits” in a backpack (that really need to be checked- do those clothes still fit??) Really, with 2 kids, I’m concerned if we have to evacuate our house. They can’t walk far. I suppose if we could get into the garage we could pull out the stroller. If we can stay here, we have the BBQ and some wood to cook with if there’s no electricity. We need to pick up a camping stove and little fuel bottles- those fuel bottles for your Coleman camping stove have an indefinite storage life, that’s pretty great!!

We keep granola bars, jackets, and emergency supplies in the trunk of the car- definitely need to add water to that mix.

We’ve gotten behind on strapping things to walls- TV, armoire, bookshelves, desk hutch, that kind of thing. I think we’ll have a zip tie party on Monday!

We’re part of a neighborhood emergency group- there’s a team leader that will walk around and check on us, then report via walky-talky back to his leader (our Bishop, in this case.) We’ve done a few drills, it works really well!

Not everyone needs to worry about earthquakes, but I firmly believe we need to be aware of the possibilities in our own areas, and prepared to face the challenges that come our way.

What have you done to prepare for emergencies? Is there something you don’t know how to do, to get ready?

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  1. Ugh. I hate this question. Here? There are piles and piles of wood in the yard, and a lake full of water…so, we could survive. There are beans and rice and a (very few) cans of veg in the pantry. Enough rice for a month, I think.

    Once we get back to Faultville, PNW…..well, we’re working on it. I need to store water, and oh, I have wheat too – about 75 pounds. We’ll start building it up slowly, but we WILL start with our food storage. Camp Stove has been on the wish list for a few years. I think we have one coming to us (a one-burner table-top dealie) from the in-laws, but not sure how it’s going to actually GET to us.

    A sister in our ward said that she keeps a box of PopTarts in the trunk of her car, from Costco – they keep forever, can calm kids down in a crisis (mmm…sweet Red #40 goodness!) and can keep you alive. Plus, they’re cheap enough to stock a ton, and share them with other stranded motorists.

  2. I’ve got the 72 hour kit covered. I have one in my car and at home. One is recently made, so I’m sure everything is okay (all fits and nothing expired), but I need to go through the second one to update it. I really need to have better water storage, that would be a good place to start. I live in a state in danger of earthquakes too. In fact, all growing up we had drills in school about just what to do in case of earthquake. They keep telling us that the longer it takes, the bigger it will be….Thank you for the timely reminder to get (and stay) prepared.

    • Oh, I KNOW- the longer we wait for the next earthquake, the more nervous I get! We’re overdue for a 100 year quake, and coming up on a 10 year quake… hooray for new kits for you guys, though! I should have pulled everything out during Conference, I forgot 🙂

  3. Sorta’. We are in a flood zone and hurricane prone area. I tend to get ready right before filling water bottles. We’ve got a small generator, so we fill up on gasoline, and I’ve got plenty of candles. We plan to invest in a bigger natural gas powered generator one of these days. My husband has a bunch of MREs somewhere…gross food, but great in an emergency.

    I should really get a camping stove like you have!

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