Front Yard Update

Ok, so I’m calling this a front yard update…but truth is, I don’t HAVE an update.  Our front yard is still dirt and a patch-worked rock wall.

There’s no garden boxes

There’s no structure

There’s no terracing.

BUT, we should have big trucks here within a week or two to tear out our driveway (bye-bye mint and lemon balm patch), and tear off our front porch.  The concrete guys will come and pour a new porch, a new driveway, a new patio.  (bye-bye lilac, crocosmia, daffodil, day lily, lung wort, and lilies.)

As you can see, I’m torn.  I’m totally excited for what it will be, getting ready to transplant all my favorite things, getting ready to pull up all my bulbs to dry and re-plant next fall…and still, I don’t really grasp what’s happening!  Have I mentioned that change stresses me out?  And decision making makes me hyperventilate?  And PURCHASING…oh man, I once spent more than a year trying to convince myself to purchase Chap Stick.  I’m serious, I did.  In the end, I stole my husband’s.

So, what better way to celebrate all this up-in-the-airness with a neighborhood walk through!  (Complete with unsolicited commentary- it’s on the house.  Oh gosh, I kill myself.)

Big blue house.  Nice front yard, almost ZERO work.  Totally covered in naturalizing bulbs, ground covers, etc.

See, they went ahead and built rock walls…very expensive!  We were going to, and then realized we could save thousands by paying a little more for concrete stacking stones that we could stack OURSELVES.  No heavy machinery required.

Mmm, we love this yard.  Tidy, tight, cohesive aesthetic.    It’s nicer from the other side, but there were neighbors out and I was snapping pictures as we walked by…awkward… 🙂

This was one thought for our new front porch- a little rectangle stoop, with diagonal stairs.  I didn’t like it on paper, but seeing it here…I kind of like it.  The curvy aspect, the slightly hidden aspect…

Probably one of my favorite entries of all time.  Yellow house, white shutters, white trim,  there’s a tidy walk up to the front door…

Love the pergola (??) on this one.  We’re considering putting one over our garage…later.

I want an arch somewhere, maybe with a kiwi berry vine on it.  DEFINITELY won’t look like this one, though!  Ever since they put it in, I keep looking for the “rest home” sign.  It’s so business like!  I think that’s the look they were going for- the landscaping looks like an office park.  Very neat and tidy though- they take such great care of their yard!

Loved the espaliered apple here, the “steppable” ground cover, the florescent orange tulips…

Oh wow- gray house, red door, climbing vine…love this entry!

And this…is what we’re going to look like in a little bit.  Looks like we’re not the only ones with big plans!

7 Responses

  1. Do you want any large landscaping rocks? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s the kind that you stack to make a wall and it has all different shapes and sizes? Ben tore a bunch out of our yard and I think it’s pretty but he doesn’t like them. I think it bugs him to mow around them. Anyway, there is a pile in our front yard and he’s going to freecycle them soon. You are welcome to have them if you want.

  2. Good luck with all that!!!!! There are some super cute doorways in your neighborhood, for sure.

  3. That’s a lovely neighborhood.

    So, I’m just curious about that pergola over the garage.
    It’s kind of random to me. I would think one wouldn’t want to draw attention to a garage. 🙂
    Anyways, we just Never see that around here. So, I’m wondering if it’s something done quite often in your neighborhood.

    • Wow, I never thought about it. Those pergolas are REALLY common. We probably passed 10 last night, on that one mile loop! Weird 🙂 Ideally you’d grow something on it, like wisteria or clematis. I think NW architecture has a lot of exposed wood elements 🙂

  4. We used broken concrete for stacking stones(free on Craigslist). Those are great for landscaping…just flip them over to the rough side and they look like stone. I need some more…too bad we aren’t neighbors. I’d take your broken concrete when you tear yours up. ; )

    I like how the “rest home” folks minimized their grass lawn. We might do more of this by the curb.

  5. […] is a different loop than last time.  We have a funny neighborhood- it’s near water, and the variance between the south end of […]

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