Neighborhood Walk: More Gorgeous Entries

I can’t help it.  I take the kids for a walk, and I MUST take the camera along!  This neighborhood is so pretty in the spring, and I’m still day dreaming about what our front yard will look like when our projects are done.

SO!  Let’s go!

This is a different loop than last time.  We have a funny neighborhood- it’s near water, and the variance between the south end of the neighborhood at the north end is only 4 blocks, but the price variance… well, let’s just look at these lovely and well-manicured yards, shall we?  (And maybe next time I’ll walk the girls by my FAVORITE houses.)

Oh man, look at that cool gate.  Love that.


Again with a wide long porch, but I love the columns, love the house colors.

I love the long path to the front door, the slight wiggle to it is a nice touch.  The gorgeous spring-greened grass isn’t too shabby, either!  (While I love an eatable yard, there’s something ridiculously decadent about all that GORGEOUS green, rolled out there, in the spring.)


Mmm…look at those boxwoods, will you?  I love sculptured boxwoods, and know I couldn’t even THINK about committing to sculptured boxwoods for a very, very long time.  I dream of garden herb boxes surrounded by low boxwood hedges.


Ah, here’s something eatable!  Doesn’t look like much to munch on now, but it’s loaded with drought-tolerant herbs.


Gah, I’ve never seen such gorgeous tulip pots.  I think they dumped a sack of bulbs in each urn!  Yes, they’ll have to be divided every single year, but LOOK at that mass of color!


Hands down, favorite garden design in the neighborhood.  (Granted, every other garden I’ve seen is a weed-covered box, in a lonely corner of the yard, that looks like it hasn’t been touched in years.)  In the summer, they send beans up the trellises.  (I think these folks actually go to our old ward- they have a painted plaque with the “Six B’s” by the front door!)



OK, I love how this looks.  My eyes are telling me that is a hunormous lilac tree, but my head is saying it isn’t possible.  Is it a Royal Palownia tree?  Whatever it is, this yard is just perfect right now.


While we plan on pouring a concrete patio in our front yard (we’re going to have a concrete truck here, we’re pouring everything we can in one fell swoop) I still love cobble patios.  I love that they’re pervious to water, so no runoff issues.  I love the look.  I love that you can grow plants in between the pavers.  Wonder Daddy reminds me that they settle, must be weeded, must be “re-set” periodically…but still, I love them.


I love Spring around here!


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful, beautiful. 🙂

  2. Lovely. Spring = Flowers =Good!

  3. You could always get your cement stamped and stained to look like old cobble stone.

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