Garden Update

A real, live, garden update…about things that are GROWING!

Here’s the tour:

First, the garbage can potatoes are doing nicely. These are just 5 or 6 organic purple potatoes that sprouted in the cupboard, thrown in a garbage can with some dirt and a lot of drainage holes. I covered all but the top few inches of this growth with dirt after the photo, and I’ll keep doing that until I fill the can with dirt. Then, just let ’em sit and cook till the plants die back! Easy as pie.

The raspberries are leafed out now, and doing great. I can’t wait.

I’m trying an “early spring” garden in our box this year- by mid summer it has too much afternoon shade to be really successful, but I’m hoping these things can get off to a good start, or even finish their season, before then.


Mustard Greens
mustard greens


Kale. Now if this baby kale doesn’t make you *squeeee* well then….

I tucked ‘Alaska Bush’ peas a few places in the yard- it’s interested to see how the plants are faring, based on location.
These are on a sunny patio. They’re nice and tall.

These are on the deck- a little warmer, not as much sun. They’re not as tall, but this is my first flower out of all of them.

These little “Tom Thumb” peas truly ARE tiny. I’m amazed they survived at all- for weeks while I waited for the seeds to germinate, I visited the pot daily to poke the seeds back into the dirt after squirrels or crows dug them up. I think a few became snacks before they germinated. After they sprouted the critters kept digging them up, but not eating them. I kept poking the seeds back into the dirt. I’m just happy they’re growing!

Basil starts are starting to come in from Mom’s green house- I’ve got them protected a bit with these temporary “green houses.” Once the peppers and tomatoes come, they’ll get the special treatment too.
temporary cold frames

Oh. ย This. ย Well, I don’t know. It could be a few kinds of melons. Or winter squash. Or summer squash. And did you know that summer squash will not set fruit if they’re too near winter squash? And that if two kinds of summer squash are too near each other and cross-pollinate, you’ll end up with JEHOSOPHAT, WHAT IS THAT VEGETABLE? True story. My only hope is to separate these all out by leaf types, and plant them far, far away from each other. In pots. Because I don’t have sunny garden beds. Because…well, I just don’t. BUT I HAVE POTS! The Garden Will Live this year. ๐Ÿ™‚
squash and melons


7 Responses

  1. I like that potato idea. How big is the garbage can? I could probably do the same thing with a big flower pot couldn’t I? That’s interesting about the squash too. Last year in our community garden we had winter and summer squash in the same bed, but different mounds. There was some strange cross-pollination and we ended up with some HORRIBLE bitter squash! I think I’m going to put my squash in pots this year. I saw a picture of it somewhere on the internet and it looked pretty:)

    • The garbage can is maybe 30 gallons? A regular-sized can. I’ve done it with dirt on the bottom, and mulching with straw, too. Every year I look at my little harvest and wonder why I bothered…but they taste SO GOOD, I keep doing it again and again ๐Ÿ™‚ I meant to get more cans going this year, but never got the drainage holes drilled. Oops.

      Good luck with your squash! I wish you were closer, I’d send some starts over ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Correction on the garbage can size. It is a 50 gallon can. You can grow them in any size container, but it will limit the number of potatoes you get. For the size we have, we tend to get 5-6 qts of potatoes. I’m not sure how many you’d get with a flower pot.

      But… They are really tasty (DIY mama mentioned that already, but wow are they good.)

  2. Why all dirt this year, for the taters, instead of straw?? (I was going to see if you wanted to split a bale next year! LOL)

    Everything looks great!

    • Have you forgotten that half my front yard is now sitting in my BACKyard? That’s why the dirt ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll talk more about the straw in a little bit- it’s being used elsewhere.

  3. Gagging a little over the kale, but loving all of this green. Owe you for the potato post since it triggered the memory that they are hanging on the cabinet right now. Ack. So do tell about the straw! I tend to have a lot of it (covered in future fertilizer) at all times. Going to grow ours in our Ikea bags this year (like the one the fig tree was sent home in). Think it will work?

    • I think so ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen sweet potatoes grown in burlap coffee sacks (and melons and squash…she was daring ๐Ÿ™‚ My potatoes are never spread through the ENTIRE garbage can, so a sack might be just big enough!

      Straw was for potatoes and mulch…but now it’s just becoming compost. Really cheap, plentiful “brown material” that can’t compact: awesome.

      (We LOVE kale, braised with chicken broth and red chile flakes, and finished with a splash of cider vinegar: totally amazing.) I hope I won’t have to purchase any next fall ๐Ÿ™‚

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