A New Challenge

Y’all ready for this?

Yeah, me neither.

As of today, we are completely self-employed.  We’ve been getting ready for a while, but it was slow because Wonder Daddy had a very, very busy job at an accounting firm (that, as of today, he no longer works at his former-boss told him.)  We THOUGHT we’d have more time before he chose his own launching-off date.

*Please know: the story is his to tell.  A rule was broken that he didn’t realize was a rule.  Hindsight is 20/40, and this is what I can do: I’m a homemaker*

The fledgling business is in no way ready to support itself, or anyone else, so we’re on our own* until we can drum up more business.  Unfortunately, the bulk of a tax practice’s income happens in December-April.  Busy season is absolutely insane, and it’s over for another 7 months or so, when people come crawling out of the woodwork saying “Here!  Take all my personal information, all my financial records, and DO SOMETHING!”  (From personal experience, it’s really quite amazing to have a complete stranger hand you a fat envelope full of social security cards, bank statements, mortgage interest forms.  What’s amazing is not what you see of their lives, but how quickly you forget that this data is personal- it’s just data!  Honest to betsy.  And yes, it’s all ENTIRELY confidential.  If you don’t trust your tax accountant…umm…hey!  We have openings! 🙂

So my challenge is this: can I pare down our already lean and mean (I think) budget?  It’s only been 19 months since we were last in “leaner and meaner” mode.  We found ourself with two houses, along with the two mortgages, utility loads, etc. that come along, PLUS a new baby with all those beautiful hospital bills.  At the time, I was crazy enough to think “Gosh, I’m glad Mimi came too fast for me to get an epidural.  We just saved $1,500!”  With a lot of prayer, and a lot of work, a lot of kindness, and a little bit of powdered milk, we came through.  Our old house sold the month before our hospital bills came due (which, oddly enough, equaled the now-missing “old house mortgage payment” we’d been making every month.)

We’ve added some fluff over the past 19 months.  Gym membership (canceled.)  Friday night dinners (we’ll still have date nights, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD, but….I’m going to get to be an excellent picnic packer.  And we’ll go on hikes- yay summer!)  I’ll have to more careful at the craft stores- no more “Oh, I might make someone a present out of this.”

So, this “DIY Mama” is about to go supernova.  I still have my piano studio- if wishes were fishes, lots of kids would realize this summer “Yeah!  I really, REALLY want summer lessons!”  Because then I’d feel a little bit better.

*”On our own” is an entirely relative term.  We both have fantastic families.  My family lives close by and is always so kind to come help with projects, play with the kids, mull over finances, and send home the occasional grocery sack of completely random “no one is eating this, do you want it?  I bought way too much…” goodies.  Which I always enjoy immensely, when it comes time to try and figure out what to DO with these new ingredients!  His family is so supportive in all our decisions, even across the distance.  Good grief, my MIL talks to Ernie on the phone nearly every day.  We have ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC families.  So this “on our own” really means….without his old company 🙂


9 Responses

  1. Yikes! We’ve been through that routine before and it isn’t fun, but I’d bed that great blessings are in store for you guys. 🙂

  2. “This DIY Mama is about to go supernova.” Rock it out, girl. *mwah*

  3. You are so resourceful that you guys are going to work it out somehow.
    All that support! You are a lucky family.

  4. Wow! I’m sure you’ll handle it wonderfully.

  5. Prayers for success in the new business! Hope you had a happy Mother’s Day.

  6. good luck! good thing you were already great at living cheaply. i know how that goes.

  7. You are already supernova… but I hope all goes well for you and yours. We have done the “Oh, that happened faster than we were prepared for” moment with losing a job… (I was on maternity leave…) we got good at eating ramen and sale foods! Good luck, prayers are with you.

  8. Wishing you and your family the best. Seems to me you are wise enough to be better prepared than most when these kind of things come along, but it still must be a bit scary. Hope those piano lessons start rolling in! 🙂

  9. I think you are a pretty clever woman; you’ll find your way through. Hang in there.

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