Pepper: FAIL

dead pepper seedlings

dead pepper seedlings

Gruesome. Such a needless death.

But, considering that I planted them in March, and they hadn’t yet formed true leaves…maybe this is for the best. Yeah?

(I moved them to a sunnier spot, thinking it would help them…unfortunately that sunny spot was in my basement, when I forgot about them.)

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  1. I looked at the photo and I think your pepper seedlings suffered from “dampning off” fungus disease. Too much moisture lacked air circulation. The next time use solution of Chamomile tea and spray the seedlings. Just soak Chamomile tea bags about 4 bags overnight , this tea solution is good for preventing dampning off.

    • Hi there, sorry about the typo, it should read “damping off” 🙂

      • In my experienced when seedlings lacked moisture, stems and leaves wilted. When you watered whitin several hours they all come back healthy again.
        With damping off the stems survive, but the leaves died. When this happen the seedlings is dead and you have to start over. Starting pepper seeds in flats
        can be a challenge even for me. Here is a link to my garden blog on seed starting. Good luck.

    • I don’t know…would damping off make them not grow? Because I’m pretty sure it was the forgetting to water them them for 4 days that killed them 🙂 (But that chamomile tea might have saved my peppers last year when they all keeled over and died….and my brussels sprout last month…I don’t have good luck with seeds in my house 🙂 Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Awwww, SAD. I can’t grow ANYTHING from seed…so kudos for trying!

    • Yeah….I better leave the “starts” to Mom. I do OK in the garden, with some stuff -beans, peas, carrots, chard, lettuce, beets, turnips….you know, nothing that needs HEAT. I still have yet to have a squash actually germinate outside.

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