Water Storage

April 18th we talked about water storage.

Ok, now on May 17th we’re doing it again!  Seriously guys- you never know when you’ll be glad to have something on hand.

checking out the busted water main

See that?  That’s three construction guys and my hubby, Saturday night, saying “Shoot.  Busted the water main.  Who’s got duct tape?”  Yeah, they really did duct tape it together over the rest of the weekend until the new part came in this morning.  Water was only off for an hour or two (thanks to the miracle of duct tape) but it was dinner time…practically everything needs water to cook or be rinsed with, never mind the cleaning up afterwards (Mimi, I’m looking at you on that one.)

I’m not trying to preach here folks, but I AM exceptionally glad we have a shelf full of bottles of water- empty soda jars, empty juice jugs, empty vinegar jugs (we buy white vinegar in 1-gallon bottles.)  I KNOW we don’t have enough yet for a full-on emergency- I want to have 14 gallons per person- but still, something is better than nothing!  (And plus, now I know that the water is actually drinkable 🙂

7 Responses

  1. And the guy in the white T-Shirt is almost certainly your brother Ted, who is currently in WA DC. How did you get him to come help for the day?

  2. You know what’s really good for water storage? Bleach containers. Used bleach containers – just fill them up with water when you it is empty of bleach. Water’s got a slight chlorine taste to it, but the water stays good for a long time

    • OK….I’ve “kept house” for over 7 years now, and have yet to go through a bottle of bleach. What do you DO with all that bleach?? 🙂 (But yes- I really SHOULD be putting a drop or two in each jar…oops.)

  3. we’ve almost busted through a water main or two ourselves. I probably should think about a water stash at some point.

  4. Yikes! You’ve inspired me to up our water supply and to try a dry run of using our food storage. 🙂

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