Days of Thinking

I apologize for disappearing for a while- I might be scarce for a while, as the yard and home life take more and more.  Even with all of winter’s dreary rain and half-light, it IS a respite from certain household chores!

I’ve been thinking about this space, and what we talk about.  Ever since I’ve had a home to run, I’ve tried to be frugal, efficient, and accomplished.  I want it cheap, I want it easy, and I want it nice.  Don’t you?  We keep improving in little increments, and I’m sure we’ll get better as we add skills to our repertoire, and get better at what we already do.

BUT, when times are good and you’re giggling to yourself about how much money you can keep in your pocket by making yogurt, it seems a heck of a lot different when times are uncertain and you’re constantly running an adding machine in the background.  “Let’s see…if I DON’T buy that, then I’ll have more cash left over for later.”  Somehow the perceived inability to make purchases makes the frugality feel a little more restrictive,  when it’s not a rebellious choice.  Why is that?

I guess what I’m saying is that I hope I’m never glib in our quest to be self-sufficient, frugal, and accomplished.  There’s a real need to be prepared.  Sometimes it’s a game we play with ourselves, and sometimes it’s a coping mechanism for what life throws.  My hope for this space is to share what we’ve learned, maybe encourage someone to try something new they never thought they could.

Alright everyone- shine on!



3 Responses

  1. Isn’t it amazing how it’s so limiting when we have to, but it’s a challenge when we don’t.

  2. Shine on, indeed. And you’re right – being frugal is so much more fun when it’s a CHOICE instead of a RESPONSE. But it’s still a great trick to have up your sleeve!

  3. yes, i agree. but it’s probably a mindset – you don’t have to live much differently, and it won’t be for too long.

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