Garden Update

Time for another garden update!  I packed a camera around the yard while I did a few chores during the kids naps the other day.  Let’s go!

Did I ever show you guys these bulbs?  Wonder Daddy helped dig up all the plants in our front yard to save them from the earth mover.  The summer bulbs were transplanted (temporarily) to the backyard, but the spring bulbs we set out to dry on an old window screen and some saw horses.  These daffodils were totally green when we pulled them out- just finished blooming.  When the tops are totally dry, I’ll pull them off and stick these all in a burlap sack to re-plant in the Fall.

drying daffodil bulbs

Both potato cans are still doing well.  The purple is full,  the yukon potatoes are about half full.


Wonders never cease.  It only took a month, but a squash seed has ACTUALLY sprouted in my yard.  This will be a sugar pumpkin.  If it ever gets any bigger.  I’m giving it another week, then giving the space to something that WANTS to grow.

pumpkin sprout

Unidentified squash blossom.  Or it used to be.  Seems I need a few slug deterrents around this pot.


Kale- slow and steady, it keeps growing.


Mustard greens

mustard greens

My little tomato bed is still alive.  Tomato on the front right is doing especially fine- must get the most sun!

back tomato bed

Where my ground cherry used to be.  It was covered with an upturned milk jug, and it’s GONE.  What could have done it?  Tiny slugs?  That creep under milk jugs?

ground cherry.  Used to be

These are new to you guys- I dug up a sack full of wild rose shoots- I plan to put them in them in the front yard when it’s ready for planting, but for now they’re in a bucket, hopefully getting roots.  Since they’ve been in there over a week now, and look marginally healthy…outlook is getting better on these!

swamp rose

Alaska Bush peas- the kids love these!  I didn’t plant enough to cook with, but it’s definitely enough for a little hunter-gatherer action from the kids.

alaska bush pea

Cute little carrot tops and swiss chard.  Carrots are probably big enough to thin now.  I’m hoping the chard will shade them- carrots aren’t supposed to grow well in pots.

carrots and chard

Time for squeeing- apparently baby cilantro is adorable!  Who knew?  (Got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens years ago- this is basically a “cut and come again” set up for cilantro.  Hopefully I’ll get 2 or 3 cuttings.


Ground cherries.  Maybe getting big enough to transplant…they just don’t like it here.  Can’t imagine why, all this nice wet, damp weather…

ground cherries

Bush beans and basil.  Basil is sadly munched on.  Luckily, it seems to be acting like a trap crop- the basil pot behind this has no slug damage at all- knock on wood.

bush beans and basil

Tom Thumb peas- adorable!

tom thumb peas

Mesclun lettuce mix

mesclun mix

Oh my gracious, these are marigolds.  I’m supposed to transplant these…but at this point, I’m thinking let them stay- they’re enormous!


Tomato starts

tomato starts

Curly-haired gardener, one moist morning.

gardener with curly hair

Gardening buddy- found him sleeping in my spare gallon pots, in a dry box outside.  Fairly certain he’s not poisonous, but still- these guys give me the willies.  They like dark, dry places, in moist environments.  Corners of basements.  Behind furniture.  Under the tools in your garage.  In your shed.  I’m always careful about where I stick my hands when I’m outside or in the basement.  Luckily, these fellows don’t climb walls.


6 Responses

  1. Myrnie, that’s is gorgeous. I love your vege garden. In pots and all!

    Pic of the spider, totally gave me a start. And I’m not afraid of spiders 🙂

    • Aw…thanks Su 🙂 I didn’t realize how much we already have going on until I started posting pictures…I guess I’m doing OK this year 😉

      Those spiders get me every time! I don’t think it’s a wolf spider…but looks awfully similar.

  2. You are going to have so many wonderful potatoes! I had to hold my hand over the computer screen so I couldn’t see the spider. I’m having snail issues in my garden; they are just having themselves a buffet! I planted some old pumpkin seeds a very long time ago, and they never sprouted, so I went and bought a pumpkin plant. Then the others sprouted. That’s ok, pumpkin is one of my favorite foods:)

    • I hope so, Bobbi 🙂 One can gives us a few pounds 🙂 Oh, squash…if my concrete guy ever comes to pick up the load of wooden forms he left behind on top of our future garden space, I can get those beds built, and transplant the squash starts my mom sent over. Going to have lots of squash…if the slugs don’t get them first! I hear copper deters them…but they LOVE beer. Put a saucer of beer in your garden, and they’ll all happily drown themselves. You should try that, since you probably have some around, haha. I made a foul concoction out of yeast and honey and water….never caught anything but mold 🙂

  3. Thanks for the garden tour! Here is wishing you a bounteous harvest!

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