Garden Update

Things are starting to look promising!

Bush beans
bush beans

Potted basil (with bush peas, winding down, in the background)

Potted carrots, and swiss chard (the red in the understory) Bad Myrnie! Definitely time to thin these poor things.
carrots and chard

Tiny green italian prune. It blooms so early, I was afraid it wouldn’t be pollinated.
italian prune

Miraculously….a squash. A real, live squash. I could kiss it.
summer squash

Fading blooms on an (as of yet unidentified) squash/melon.
unidentified squash or melon

Green raspberry- yay! Our neighbor wants to plant a blueberry hedge between our lawns in the fall, and mentioned raspberries- next spring when the new canes come up, we’ll plant a new patch in the front yard. I’m excited- what a great neighbor we have!

Another unidentified squash
unidentified squash

Potatoes. Both cans are full. Now we wait.

9 Responses

  1. How much soil do you throw on top of the potatoes each layer? Can I cover up the plant? How much? Help. 🙂

    • Once they grow about 8 inches, cover all but four inches. You have to put it in carefully, pull the side branches up so they don’t break. I’ve done straw and dirt, and the dirt gave me a lot more potatoes. I normally go out once a week and throw a few buckets of dirt in. It only takes 3 or 4 weeks to fill the can!!

  2. Beautiful! My few canes of raspberries got weed wacked by mistake. My husband has been working long hours and is a little inattentive. I’m hoping they will come back. I’ve had some trouble growing them, but this year they seemed to be much happier with a little shade(dappled) from a neighboring bush.

    I see raspberry jam coming. : ) My favorite.

    • My new rasberry canes met the same fate- we had wild blackberries and my raspberries all sending up new canes in the same patch. I intended to dig out the good ones and transplant, but my husband mowed the whole area trying to help me out. Oh well, it crossed one more thing off my to-do list!! 🙂

      Have you ever made raspberry-rhubarb jam? My favorite recipe is in the BHG cookbook….so good 🙂

  3. Looking good!!
    I saw a program on tv where they were planting potatoes with garbage bags, and I thought of you 🙂

  4. Do you guys eat the zucchini flowers? They’re amazing deep fried and if they’re big ones you can stuff them with cheese!

    • I’ve never eaten one! Which ones do you eat- male? Female? How do you tell? With all this gloomy weather, flowers might be all we get to harvest this year 🙂

  5. That unidentified squash almost looks like watermelon leaves. You beat me on the summer squash. Mine haven’t even bloomed yet. My punkins are blooming, all except for the white pumpkins. I love white ones, but have never raised those before. Hopefully, all will go well…

    Loved looking at your wonderful pot garden. God bless it all.

  6. So tell me, how does your garden grow after this truly fantastic weekend of sun? I am finally allowing myself to hope that we might see veggies this year!

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