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day lily

Our lovely neighbor over at Sustainable Eats put up a “day in the slow life” journal entry of sorts this week, and invited everyone to document a day and link up to her weekly party.  I know I’ll look back on these days at some point in my life in amazement- whether I’ll be amazed at everything I tried to get done, or whether I’ll be amazed that I ever thought that THIS was busy remains to be seen!!

Yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch, it seems.  I was up by 6:30 so I could shower and get breakfast ready before my 7:30 piano student came, and then I taught straight from 7:30 to 9:00.  Everyone is picking out their Christmas recital music this week, so the lessons are really fun!  The kids always love taking home new books, especially books with familiar and favorite songs.  The rest of the day was taken up with starting chores that never got finished, the kids’ nap time, 2 more hours of lessons, and then a surprise invitation to my sister’s house for dinner.  Dad picked up a load of hamburger fixings and was able to round up all five of his kids and all 4 1/2 of his grand kids, plus significant others (for the most part)!  My kids were able to stay and play with their cousins while my husband and I went to youth group at the church, hoooraaay!

But, all this meant that I didn’t get home till after 9:00, and all our bedding was still in various stages of drying and washing.  We pilfered blankets from around the house, and found our second-warmest pair of sheets, and I spent the first half of the night soothing a stuffy-nosed toddler back to sleep.  (And THAT was the longest preamble ever written.)  What I’m trying to say is that we all have head colds, I made a mess of the ENTIRE house yesterday starting projects I didn’t have the energy to finish, and today I better get my act together (with sleep or without!)


2:00 am Fall asleep

6:00 am wake up with Toddler, and bring her to sleep in the arm chair

6:45 am pull Kindergartener into bed with me when she wakes up crying that she never got to read Sunday’s comics (they were recycled yesterday)

7:00 Make scrambled eggs and toast for the family, and runny-yolked fried eggs for myself.  My husband notices that we’ve switched types of wheat- the new white wheat I ground yesterday to make our bread makes a noticeably paler and softer loaf.

7:30 Kiss the hubby good bye- he has a client meeting about 2 hours away.  He assures me that the project is big enough, YES this client is definitely covering travel expenses!

8:00 am Shower and dress, then do some chores.  I make my bed, put away the dry dishes from the drain board, wash the dirty dishes from yesterday, load then run the dishwasher, vacuum the rooms that areen’t covered in toys, and vacuum up the crumbs under the kitchen table.  I heart my crumb vacuum.

9:00 am Call the kids in for school- we start with our song, “I Am A Child of God,” and then Ernie gives the prayer, and thanks Heavenly Father that we can have school every day….except Sunday….and Saturday….amen.  We read 3 or 4 autumn books, then talk about our plans for an upcoming “Autumn Event” we are hosting.  Three families are invited, for a total of TWELVE children and 4 moms.  We brainstorm ideas for games, crafts, and our lunch meal.  I show Ernie the invitation on the computer, and we’re excited to see that one family has already RSVP’ed.

bringing in the trash can

10:00 am An increasingly rare sunny morning, I send the kids outside to play- they gather leaves for a project we want to do, ride their bikes, and bring the garbage can in.  Ernie tips Mimi out of the stroller, and I call everyone in for lunch time.

11:00 am An early lunch, but Mimi has been asking for various foods for half an hour.  When I wasn’t getting her “pee-buttah-choc”  (a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips pressed in the top) she started asking for “sammich.”  Since when does my two-year-old ask for sandwiches?  Ernie has ham and cheese, and Mimi has peanut butter and honey, both on our wheat bread from yesterday.  Both have apple slices (the last of a box of galas we bought from a local farmer), and some very old bbq chips I found in the cupboard.  I think it’s terrible that my kids won’t eat most of what I cook, but will devour anything that comes in a package.  (The other day Mimi begged me for yeast- she figured if it came in a package, it must be good!  No, I didn’t give her any.)  During lunch, Ernie started sobbing- she BIT her finger while eating her sandwich.  This is the same finger she burned while reaching for a 400 degree cookie sheet, wanting to carry it to the table the other night.  (She forgot it was hot.)  She bit her cheek while eating her burger last night. Girlfriend needs sleep!

11:20 I go to the garage to clean the furnace filters.  Eww.  Ick.  YES, I know I should clean them more than once a year!  I’m a little scatter-brained, and I wonder why there’s a piece of tissue paper and a red boa feather from the play room stuck in the filter.  My water-borax-castile soap cleaning solution, plus a hose, makes short work of the electric filters, and my vacuum cleaner does a good job on the regular filters.  (Good thing there are FOUR filters, two of each, in our air system.  I figure it gives me a little leeway in cleaning them, although I’ll try and be good about doing it every month this autumn and winter.)

11:40 Girls are finished with lunch, I declare I’m not getting up from the couch until nap time.  Ernie plays with puzzles in the back room, Mimi crawls into my lap to cuddle.

12:00 pm Girls are both in bed, with songs sung.  I sit down on the couch to upload pictures from the camera, write a few blog posts, catch up on e-mails, and make a bowl of oatmeal for my (over-due) lunch.

2:20 Mimi wakes up bellowing “MOOOMMMMY!  MOMMY!   MOOOOOMMMY!”  This child is a bass.  Ernie pops out of her room, and conspiratorially whispers “I’ll do the vacuum for you.”  Meaning the vacuum cleaner is still out from this morning, and Ernie is going to wrap the cord up and put the machine away before I get Mimi out of her crib, so Mimi has zero chance of taking the task from her.  Why are other people’s jobs so much more appealing than her own?  I love the help…but would love it if she could finish the tasks SHE’S in charge of, too!

2:30 Grind wheat to make more bread- the kids bring in chairs and want to help!

2:45 Daddy gets home, finds girls still “helping” me, but really they’re fighting over the crumbs in the chip bag.  Chips ought to be a controlled substance…well, I guess they ARE controlled in this house, hence the hysteria…

2:50  Ernie calls Nana.  Nana has to go to visit a cemetery, but first is required to explain what a cemetery is, confirm that it is full of people who will be resurrected at the second coming, and answer the question “Will they be dirty when they’re resurrected?”  Go Nana, Go!

3:00 Story time on the  couch.  Mimi and I will read The Ticky Tacky Doll, by Cynthia Rylant, 6 times, followed by a four-season story about Nutbrown Hare.  Husband comes home early from work to mow the lawn, since this is probably our last non-rain day for a while!

4:00 A friend stops by with a baby to play with.

4:30 Start water boiling for dinner, put bread in the oven.

5:00 Pull bread out, and werve dinner (pasta with napa cabbage, in oyster-sauce etc. sauce.)  Not nutritious, but I thought the kids would like it since they ate BOWLS of this stuff at my sister’s house.  Nope, not tonight!

5:45 pm More reading time, husband leaves for a work event.  And know that reading time is also a euphemism for Mimi sitting as close as humanly possible, holding on tight to my arm.  She throws tantrums if I put a sweater on, apparently my forearm is her comfort object.  Good thing I’m pregnant, and too hot to wear long sleeves!

6:30 pm Put kids in bath tub together, for the first time in a little while.  We figured separate baths was a good consequence for the big kid getting carried away in the “I’m going to eat your _____” game.  The teeth marks have mostly faded from the toddler.  First time we’ve had a biting in our home, it was a surprise!!

7:30 Kids are out of the bath, and in pajamas….and have declared they are Hungry.  Since neither one ate their dinner, both have head colds, and nobody slept well last night, I let them have a snack: 5 spoonfuls of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips pressed on top, a glass of milk, and a slice of bread.  Each.  I read scriptures out loud while they eat, then go and clean the kitchen.

8:00 Lights out.  I settle in with the computer for a bit of down time, check to make sure the budget is up to date, blog reading, e-mail catch up, etc.   Humidifiers are on in their rooms, and a heater in the little one’s room.  Fingers crossed they sleep off some of the crazies tonight!

So that’s my Thursday….go check out other’s daily stories, plus plenty of “simple life” information at the Simple Lives blog hop! I promise others’ stories are less toddler-intensive…hmmm….

7 Responses

  1. Wow. I’m tired just reading about your day. Can I bring you dinner?

  2. Oh MY! You have the patience of a Saint! and congratulations! What a wonderful day you had. Love the part about people being dirty when they are resurrected. So sweet! Now I hope you guys are able to get some sleep and feel better. Thanks so much for sharing!
    xo, Annette

  3. I love your full, full days….. love it.
    I hope you feel better soon

  4. Sounds like a great day despite the kids being sick.

  5. Oh….my. And that’s a GOOD day. Days are so full, aren’t they?

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