No Chickens Here

I am absolutely kicking myself today, which isn’t nice to do to a person who’s already down.  Yeah?

For future reference, if you plan to get in on a bulk order, but wait and wait on the off chance that you’ll win a blog giveaway for what you planned on ordering (forty pounds of chicken), and then log on 3 days before the cut off after the blog finally draws the winners…you really have no one to blame but yourself when you discover that every location this side of the mountains is sold out.  And every location east of the mountains was sold out last week.   Stinks to be the people who found out today that they won the blog giveaway and every single location is sold out.  I should have ordered, even with the off-chance that I’d have ended up with 80 pounds of chicken!

3 Responses

  1. I can split my order with you! I got in last week. 20lbs is better than no lbs!

  2. …….

    I’m not sure what to say. I love you? Prego brain? I should have stepped in??!

  3. Booo….. you would think they would at least keep some for the giveaway winners.

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