Music at Home


I caught this sweet shot of my daughters the other day, playing quietly.  I generally discourage toys in the front room, but we have a stack of library books for school, a few bowls of acorns and nuts to sort and dump for an Autumn sensory activity, and our instruments.

The kids basically have free-reign on the electric organ and upright piano, so long as they treat them gently and use only fingers on the keys.  So far we haven’t had any trouble teaching the girls the rules at a pretty early age, knock on wood!  We also have a basket of egg shakers, castanets, rhythm sticks, wooden percussion instruments, maracas, a tambourine, and a vintage toy xylophone.  The kids LOVE making music- even Mimi will pull out favorite song books and pretend to sing her favorite songs as she flips pages and bangs away on whatever is in front of her.  None of these instruments seem too loud when they’re playing them (unless we have a house full of guests!) so that’s nice.

In other news, I tried making almond milk at home, using this recipe times 4,  and I probably wouldn’t do it again.  It’s much more expensive than soy milk (1 cup of nuts was a little less than a pound and cost about $4 in the bulk section and made 4 cups of almond milk, whereas 100 grams of dried soybeans cost less than 50 cents and make 8 cups of soy milk.)  Besides, I loved the taste of the Silk brand, and mine tasted nothing like that.  I guess I’ll treat it as a treat, kind of like store-bought eggnog is a treat.  Yeah, it’s totally bad for you, but if I’m going to buy a really special drink, that’s what I’ll reach for.


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  1. Oh, I’m sorry the almond milk didn’t turn out!! But..sometimes Giant Companies ARE giant because they got something right. 😉

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