The Morning in Pictures

Where I wished I stayed this morning.
Autumn Bed

What my husband will be doing next (couple of) weekend(s)

Time to rake leaves!

What I am completely embarrassed that a friend from church brought by, but am LOVING.
Donuts from a friend

(She brought donuts to church one week on a day I forgot to pack a snack for church for myself, and I didn’t have time to grab one in between class and changing the little one’s diaper and playing prelude for our sacrament meeting.  I whispered to my husband to check and see if there were any left in the kitchen, because I was *that*  hungry, and there weren’t…and he asked her about them…and she brought me a half dozen for my very own.  And I am so embarrassed, and no, that isn’t glaze you see on the corner of my mouth.  Of course not.)

Isn’t that a silly picture of my bed?  It’s completely goofy, but I always change our bed up when the seasons change.  Right now it’s a fluffy white duvet, white flannel sheets, an old pilled fleece blanket underneath that my husband’s grandma made for him when he was a boy, and a crocheted throw that my grandpa’s mother made.  Oh, and green pillows.  I tossed the gold and red and blue pillows back into the kids’ play room, until the next time I feel like I want sparkly jewel tones in my bedroom.  I’m sure no one but myself really notices what the bed looks like, but it makes me happy!  (My husband has an excellent eye for colors and design and such, but he normally gets out of bed before I do and goes to bed after I do.)

Mimi found our “base 10” blocks I have set aside for math concepts and lessons- so far we’ve used nuts and acorns and raisins and such for our math lessons.  These kept her occupied!

Playing with the base 10 math blocks

Ernie helped me make a “gel bag” with hair gel and a ziploc bag, and she worked on tracing her letters through the gel.  The goo provides a nice resistance, but I think on a different day I’ll let her add some food dye to the bag to make her marks a little clearer.
tracing letters through a gel bag


It’s Monday “Baking Day” so the girls helped me make a batch of wheat bread dough.  We had circle time and practiced some of our memorized verses (set to music) too.  This afternoon will be busy, with a much-loved nephew coming to play and piano lessons.

3 Responses

  1. All looks great…and the bed is beautiful!!

  2. Love this. So very fall. And so very family.

  3. The gel in the bag is such a good occupational therapist thing to do… yeah for you!

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