Pacific NW Planting Schedule

mustard greens

I’m going to preface this, but it hardly bears mentioning any more that I don’t actually know what I’m doing.  If you want to find people that DO…. (and really, go find the books by number 2 and 3.  I’ve read a LOT of books, and these were astoundingly full of things I’d never heard before.)

Mama Papaya

Louise Riotte

Eliot Coleman

These gals

BUT, I do know how to read, and I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now.  This will be our first year with a real garden- not pots on the deck, not a shady box in the backyard, but an honest-to-goodness, SUNNY, garden.  I’m rather excited to grow kale that doesn’t take 5 months to reach maturity.

The Plan:


In the greenhouse: leeks, tomatoes, basil, cabbage, cauliflower, napa cabbage, brussels sprouts

In the ground: peas and spinach


Transplant: leeks, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, napa cabbage, brussels sprouts

In the ground: potatoes, kale, turnips, beets, green onions, rainbow chard


In the ground: carrots, radishes, nasturtium, cilantro, alyssum, echinacea, morning glory


In the ground: sugar pumpkin, corn, pole beans, cucumber, bush beans, zucchini


In the ground: sunflower

Transplant: basil, tomatoes


In the ground: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beets, carrots


In the ground: leeks, brussels sprouts, rainbow chard, carrots, turnips


In the ground: spinach, radishes, leaf lettuce, bunching onions (green onions), cover crop of crimson clover?


In the ground: garlic (I might wait longer next year- the garlic I planted last October now has 6″ green shoots.  Made it through our last cold snap alright, though.)

If you know me, you know there is a potentially fatal flaw in this plan: I’m pregnant.  Very, very pregnant.  Due in 6 weeks pregnant.  Which means I’ll have a newborn right at planting time, and a baby strapped to me for months after that.  Luckily, peas and spinach are the only thing that really need to touch dirt in February- all the cabbage crops I hope to start in my mom’s greenhouse are anecdotally difficult, and I have access to several great nurseries.  It wouldn’t be a big deal to simply pick up starts and plop them in the ground in March!

One of our “really want” projects for this coming year is installing a timed watering system (just t-tape and sprinkler heads, or soaker hoses) so that the daily maintenance would be limited to weeding, checking for bugs, and harvesting.  I hope to plant densely enough that after the first few weeks of seed growth, there won’t be much open space/sunlight for weeds to thrive in.  Mulching will help a lot too.

(The other project we want to do is planting a blueberry hedge, and transplanting the raspberries from the back to the front.  Possibly transplanting a plum tree from my mom’s yard.)

Frankly, I’m not sure how this garden is going to mesh with my new “completely pared down and modernized” phase of life I’m in, but my goal is do what’s REALLY important to me and do things that my whole family can help with, and gradually find out what things are important to us and what things we can let someone else do.  Gardens are something I love planning, and I love cooking with really great vegetables and fruits.  I simply melt when I find my kids grazing in the backyard, with fistfuls of snap peas of bowls of black berries.  That education is worth more to me than having pounds and pounds of beans for the table.


I’ve linked this up to the Simple Lives Thursday linky party– go check it out!


2 Responses

  1. It all sounds fabu!

  2. Congratulations! I tried to harvest about 200 ft 2 of tomatoes while 8 months pregnant. Needless to say, only the tops of the plants were picked! Good luck; I”m working on my seed starting list too.

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