The School Room

In the flurry of getting ready for baby, I messed around a bit with our school room.  Time to re-assert the “school” part of that room!

This school room is a sunken room, just off the kitchen- our house is a plain vanilla split-level, with a bump out on the back.  The school room is part of that bump out.  The kids like to hang out in there while I’m working in the kitchen, and inevitably loads of toys try to take up permanent residence.  For now, they’ve been banished back to the basement playroom where they belong!  I want this room to be a tidy, organized, well-lit place for the kids to work and read.


OK, so it’s not terribly well-lit in this photo, but it was about 9:30 at night, and I’d just finished organizing everything!

The easel in the corner is great for math, practicing letters, note rhythm patterns, and keeping the two-year-old occupied.  The opposite side is a white erase board- I don’t like it as much as the chalk, since the kids tend to smash the heck out of the markers in short order, and those pens will stain anything they touch.  We get out our dry-erase markers as a special treat!  I’m keeping the chalk in the art cupboard (see below) so I don’t have loads of chalk sitting out for toddler fingers to get into.  The kids are free to get out the chalk when they want to work with it, and put it away when they’re done.  The nice thing about this room is that it IS centrally located- it’s not necessarily the space for open-ended free play, and I can remind the girls to put away their supplies.

The chairs are big and comfy- perfect for story time with the little one while her big sister is working at her desk, and basically just perfect for getting comfy in.  My hope is that I can nurse our tiny, and still keep the bigger girls engaged in school.  You can’t see it, but there’s a big wicker basket STUFFED with our board books- Mimi will happily sit in anyone’s lap for an hour listening to these stories and pointing at the pictures!  That will probably be a nursing-time activity as well, to help Mimi feel like Mommy still loves her, even though a small peanut wrapped up in blankets has taken up seemingly-permanent residence in my lap.

The desks are probably vintage, from a local Freecycler- she had about 30 stacked up and ready to ship to an orphanage in India, but the shipping container was too full.  All of Ernie’s workbooks are stored in her desk.

The large cupboard was another Freecycle find (I use Freecycle so much I was recently bumped up to “no moderation needed” status.  Hooray, my posts go straight through, no more waiting for a mod to find time to approve!)


On the right are things the girls have free access to all the time- games, puzzles, card games, magnetic and paper dolls, their own drawing boxes, coloring books, scratch paper, and a big box of assorted crafty supplies like glue and scissors and stickers.  On the left is the “mommy” side- paints, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, construction paper, ribbons, “saved from the recycles bin” craft supplies, little wooden things to paint and color on, large sheets of stickers, etc.

The girls love having a dedicated “work” space- I don’t think they understand that’s what it is, but they love working on quiet activities in here, it’s just calming.  I like not having the distraction of toys during school time (and not accidentally stepping on toys!)



2 Responses

  1. I solemnly swear…to do my best to keep SJ out of this room.

    Great job!

    • But that’s the thing- there’s nothing but books in there now, unless he starts to empty the cabinet! 🙂 He could get into the cords in there….but it’s looking mighty SJ-proof. 🙂 (I shouldn’t have said that…probably just jinxed my room….)

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