A Math Lesson

This must be the girls’ favorite math lesson!  We made chocolate chip cookies this morning for the first time in a while (my husband seems to BREATHE in chocolate chips, the last bag I purchased disappeared before we got any cookies made! 🙂  I took over the measuring and mixing, Mimi was our dumper, and Ernie was in charge of reading all the ingredients and the recipe to me and telling Mimi how high she would have to count to finish with the scoops.  (“Mimi, you’ll need to count to FOUR, OK?”)
making cookies

Lessons we learned:

  • Which cookie scoop is smallest?  Medium?  Largest?  Which one will make the biggest cookies?  (We used all three, to test them out!)
  • How many 1/4 cup scoops of brown sugar will it take to make one cup?  The answer was four…the bottom number of the fraction
  • How many 1/4 cup scoops will it take to make a 1/2 cup of flour?  That one was trickier, but she at least nodded when I talked about half vs. quarter!
  • How to take turns- this lesson was mostly for the tiny Mimi!
  • Patience.  Yes, you can have chocolate chips…when we scoop some into the dough!
  • How to read fractions- Ernie is slowly learning this fraction language.
  • Motor skills, squeezing the dough out of the cookie scoop
  • How to make a grid- the next cookie must line up with the cookie above and next to it
  • How to keep your hands OUT of your sister’s turn.  (Ernie, I’m looking at you!)

making cookies

Our letter practice wasn’t nearly as fun this morning, but I had to laugh.  Ernie was messing around so much, she’d been staring at her page for at least 20 minutes, playing with her pencil, and joking with her sister.

“Ernie!  You only have seven lower-case h’s to write, can you get them done?”

“Mom!  It’s only FOUR.  See?  One….two…three…..four!”

And in ten seconds, she’d both proved me wrong AND finished her task!

4 Responses

  1. Fun! And who says baking cookies isn’t educational(giggle)! Subtraction is my favorite.

  2. Hahaha…brilliant mama. Hope they were delicious!

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