Taste Test: Kefir

I picked up some kefir at the store the other day for a taste test.


I want more “good bacteria” in my family’s life, and more fermented foods.  Going on a hunch that my kids would NOT like kimchi…or sauerkraut…I tried the kefir first!

Kefir is a dairy product- kefir “grains” are added to milk and left to ferment and change the milk. The end product is thick like buttermilk, and tangy like yogurt. Honestly, it tasted EXACTLY like my homemade yogurt. I was hooked on the slightly sweet tang, but no one else in my family liked it. The husband gave me an “eh, it’s fine.” The five year old and two year old refused to try it, due to the consistency.

Since this product is pretty pricey at our store, and I can make yogurt easily at home that tastes the same, I probably won’t be purchasing this again, but it was fun to try!  If we want a probiotic drink, I like to mix a bit of milk into my yogurt to thin it out.


6 Responses

  1. Hmm…interesting! Yeah, I’m not sure it’s what I would reach for if I wanted a drink. Like E, it’s a texture thing. Still, it didn’t taste bad! I think it would be good poured over some fresh fruit…

  2. It’s not something I’d drink either, but I absolute love it in cereal (instead fo milk), mixed with a teaspoon of preserves or canned fruit.

  3. My mom makes her own kefir, but she doesn’t drink it plain. I think she usually mixes it into her morning smoothie with leafy greens, fruit, etc. That way she gets the probiotics without the sour-y taste. And the homemade stuff is supposed to be better for you.

    I don’t know if you could find some kefir grains from someone who lives around you, but if you could you could get it for basically free. You just have to “feed” the grains whole milk. Or, if you are ever down in Utah, you could get some from her. They multiply so she has enough to share every once in a while.

    It’s a little strange, but she feels like the probiotics are even stronger than in yogurt.

    Britney Rule (formerly in the ward!)

  4. She talks about it a little on her blog. Here’s the link

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