A Normal Day

I blogged about a…SPECTACULAR day (read: not awesome day) a while back over at my other blog.  Today, I want to write about a normal day, that actually worked!

5:00 am, I opened my eyes to find the toddler in my room.  I tucked her back in, and MIRACLES, she stayed in bed till 6:30!

6:30, toddler and big girl are up for the morning.  They watch one cartoon while I get my wits about me.

6:45, baby boy gets up and eats- ANOTHER night sleeping all the way through!  Way to go, baby boy!  I think it’s been a week since he started this delightful trend, I seriously hope he keeps it up.  Out of my three kids, he’s the first who doesn’t use nursing as a comforter.  He regularly falls asleep on a blanket on the floor, or in his bouncy chair.  I almost never nurse him to sleep.

blender pancakes

7:00 I make blender pancakes for breakfast, with wheat berries, oats, fresh eggs, and soy milk.  So very, very good!  (The splash of vanilla and a few Tbsp of sugar helped, haha)

Old Vitamix

8:00 Baby boy goes back down for a nap.

8:30, I teach my first piano lesson of the day.  He absolutely nailed both recital pieces, hooray!

9:00, I take my shower

9:30, baby boy is up again.  I teach Ernie’s piano lesson for the week- we review forte and piano, and practice keeping a steady rhythm with no breaks in between verses or lines.  She’s doing great!

10:00 Set the girls down with workbooks at their desks, and start grinding wheat for bread.  I clean the kitchen and make a batch of all-wheat dough.  It’s my favorite recipe- just water, yeast, sugar, oil, salt, and wheat flour.

rod and cube math

10:30, work on 10’s and 1’s with Ernie, showing her how to group her rods and cubes into double-digit numbers.  SO glad she grasps this quickly this morning- we tried a few months ago, and she had no clue what I was asking her to do.  Once she gets the hang of making her numbers, I show her how to add double-digit numbers with her rods and cubes, and write a list of problems on the white board for her to work out.  (And make double-sure there’s no carrying needed in the addition!!)

double digit addition

11:00 Roll the dough into loaves and set in the pans to rise.

The next hour is spent changing diapers, keeping Ernie on task, and supervising kids when the toddler keeps trying to commandeer all the rods and cubes for her game.  The girls eat the last of our last batch of bread, sliced apple, and chocolate mochi for lunch.  YUM!

12:15, girls are in bed for naps (after we put away all the clothes and shells they put on the floor this morning.  WHY do I have to walk them through cleaning up their clothes before every  nap and bed time?  Reminds me of my own childhood…*blush*)  I spend nap time feeding  and playing with the baby, and messing around on the computer.

2:00 Ernie finishes reading and comes out to join me.

2:15 Mimi comes out demanding her older sister answer the indignant question “Why you go all gone!!?”

2:30 The girls are freaking out over…something.  The sun is shining for the moment, so we head out for a walk, and a quick stop at the park.  Yay!

3:30 Start my afternoon lessons.

4:30 End my afternoon lessons, and feed a FRANTIC baby.  Timing wasn’t great today- we didn’t get home from our walk early enough to feed him, and he was asleep until 20 minutes into my first lesson.  He has a cold, because otherwise two hours between snacks isn’t enough to make him mad!

5:00 Start cooking rice for dinner- we had a fabulous sushi night last night, and I’m looking forward to a repeat tonight (although, we’ll probably do it “chirashizushi” style, with toppings on top of our rice bowls!)

6:00 Head out the door with the family for a picnic in the park!  Chirashizushi is very portable.

7:30 Back home, get ready for bed.

8:00 Girls are in bed, baby boy is dressed and diapered.  Fingers crossed his bedtime is soon, haha

9:30 Baby is in bed!


3 Responses

  1. sounds like a good day

  2. Sounds fabulous. *grin*

  3. Such a full day! Sounds good

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