Cooking Day

It was settled in just a moment, and I found myself walking away from church having agreed to host a dinner for four families including our own.  YIKES!  18 people, including 8 kids…

I told the instigator that I would be making rice and beans- I guess that could be seen as a little snarky, given that most of the guests were from Brazil and Mexico.  Whoops.  Beans are what I’ve made for guests for YEARS- they’re tasty, filling, inexpensive to feed to a crowd, and can sit around forever waiting for guests to arrive with no ill effects.  No wonder they’re so popular around the world!)

bread, beans, and apple cake

Our final menu:

black bean chipotle chili with cilantro, rice, handmade corn tortillas from Trader Joe’s, a huge pork shoulder, Pao de queijo (see how smart I was to invite the Brazilian family?), sliced watermelon, and Grandma Susie’s Apple Cake.

Oh yes, and some of the guys descended on the kitchen after everything was over and ate half a loaf of bread.  It’s good, OK?

Excepting the rice, beans, and cake (and bread!), everything else was potlucked.  I am insanely blessed to attend church with the nice folks we see there every week!

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a yummy meal! Did you make the pao de queijo? I was reading about that yesterday and I think I’d like to try it.

  2. Glad it worked out!!!

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