Pao de Quiejo Two Ways

Here are two recipes I LOVE.  The first comes together in just a few minutes and is crazy good.  It’s like a thin batter.

The second takes much longer to prepare, and makes a sticky dough, but I think is slightly tastier.  (Super-crazy good?  Or just different texture?)   When I make the breads this way, I make a double or triple batch and flash freeze a bunch of dough balls for later- they bake up great from frozen!

If you haven’t tried pao de quiejo, it’s a Brazilian bread made from cassava/tapioca starch, eggs, oil, salt, and cheese.  They’re gluten-free, so they are my FAVORITE party trick when entertaining celiacs and others with gluten issues.  They’re best served warm, and will be stretchy and chewy.  The outside should be just barely browned.  I prefer to use all parmesan, but I’ve seen cheddar used as well- the cheese is basically the ONLY flavor here, so go for something you love!

Serious Eat’s easy pao de quiejo

Myrnie’s pao de quiejo


2 Responses

  1. I still can’t find tapioca flour, but I’d love to try this !

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