First Garlic


The top was brown so I yanked it up. The bulb doesn’t look finished to me… What do you think? All the other garlics are still totally green- I saw slug damage at the base of the stalk, I think that’s what made this one die off early. The bulb is pungent, though! I think I’ll fry it up with the rest of the broccoli tomorrow for my lunch. Yum!

3 Responses

  1. Mmmm….yum! homegrown garlic…

  2. I don’t think garlic has to ripen; I think it gets larger is all. I’ve been told to plant in the fall for a July harvest. My curly-Qs haven’t even come up yet, which seems late to me. What are those called again?

    • Sally, I think that’s when I’ll harvest- the others are just starting to brown. I cut the scapes off the big garlics a few weeks ago, but the little ones never sent any up!

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