Turnip Harvest

This has been a super cold, rainy Spring.  My weeds are four feet tall, and my spinach won’t grow.  Oh, and my broccoli BOLTED.  Life’s not fair in the garden sometimes.


I harvested my spring crop of turnips.  Actually, I noticed they’d made an impenetrable thicket so I started to thin out the largest turnips…and then went King Kong on them and uprooted the entire patch.  It’s easier this way.

I quartered the roots and sauteed them in butter, then threw in the green with more butter, salt, garlic, pepper, and a bit of water and let them steam a bit.  A little sugar and apple cider vinegar finished them off nicely, and they were fantastic on top of whole wheat pasta with feta cheese.

turnips and greens sauteed in butter

2 Responses

  1. Oh…YUM. That sounds so good!

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