Where the Wild Things Are

Oh, how I wish weeds were tasty.  I’d be in hog heaven, and invite all my friends to come and FEAST.  Because….oh, my backyard is wild.

The playset…you can see where the kids play. Everywhere else is CRAZY.
weeds to pull

See that patch in the back? It’s my raspberries. They’re brambles, really, and don’t mind being crowded it seems- I’ve never seen them set a heavier batch of berries! But really, this is ridiculous. That darn ranunculus (buttercups) loves clay soil, builds a heavy web of roots, and is nearly impossible to hand pull (remember the clay soil??) That patch is the next spot I tackle.  On nights the baby goes to bed before the sun sets, I get my gloves on and pick a spot…and work until the spot is cleared, or the yard waste bin is full.  (I’m too nervous to compost weeds-in-bloom in my compost pile, I’m sure it doesn’t get hot enough to kill the seeds!)

weeds to pull

Ho ho. Hee hee. See that spot next the shed? There are STACKS of pavers and wall blocks in the there. Heck, there’s an entire lilac bush in there! Buttercups are my nemesis. The kids love to pick me handfuls of flowers though, and buttercups so obligingly grow handfuls of flowers…I just wish they’d stay contained to the woods!
weeds to pull

What’s crazy to me is that my weeds are almost exclusively non-native, invasive, the law says you’ve got to pull them up, plants. Himalayan blackberries, ranunculus, sedges, wild garlic mustard…of course, natives get in the act too with the nettles and horse tails. But those invasives…oh my gosh. Each plant literally produces millions of seeds. In just a few weeks, some of them can get taller than me.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! I’m weird I kind of like slightly wild yards, as is evidenced by my flower garden, which is mostly weeds, poor thing.

  2. Oh…dear. You know, I started weeding one day, and my kids TOTALLY got in on the act. They even got the neighbor kids to join in! Head out there with buckets and tell your kids to pull whatever they can get, out of a certain spot. Even SJ can tell the difference between a strawberry plant and a weed. They won’t get the roots, but it will be “mowed”!

  3. My weed enemy is bindweed. That stuff is insane!

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