Testing Day


We’ve reached lesson 20, the first cumulative test. Since I am teaching her alone, without support from a school, I won’t send her scores anywhere but I am a little anxious to see if she does well, or if the questions don’t make sense to her!


6 Responses

  1. I’m so impressed that you’ve been schooling this summer (and a little jealous). I can’t wait to get started! How have you liked the Calvert curriculum so far?

    • We’ve loved it- doesn’t take too long, well organized, e can do a lot on her own without my help. It’s a bit below her level in some things (math and reading) but the simplicity helps her with other things, like learning to follow the directions and interpreting stories.

  2. Way to go, E!

  3. I know about anxiously waiting for test scores! We have to test every year for English and math.

  4. how did it go? she looks so skinny!

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