Canning Season Starts


I never had a summer harvest this year- my tomatoes are all hanging, green, on the vine. Tomatillos are still small and supple-skinned. Ground cherries have given us just a few ripe fruits. But across the mountain range, Eastern Washington has sun! I spent yesterday canning two cases of Red Globe peaches (a steal at $12 a case, from Mott’s in Sultan). The husband is mighty pleased at the prospect of 24 quarts of home-canned peaches!

I also had 2 pounds of fresh figs from Mom’s trees- I combined them with a quart of figs I’d put up before to make a fast jam. Family tradition, from our Alabama family, has always dictated whole figs in a thick syrup. The recipe, as I heard it from my Great Aunt was to take a bucket of figs, dump in a bag of sugar and let them sit overnight…and then can them. I’ve always loved them, but an entire fig smashed onto a biscuit is not a sugar load to be taken lightly!! This year I used the Ball recipe, and chopped them first to help corral the portion size.

While on a recent family trip I helped my sister get stuff ready for the freezer, too. I came home with 6 pounds of blueberries, and twenty pounds of peaches, all frozen. I’m looking forward to smoothies, pies, and cobblers this winter! (These peaches were Elbertas, from Bill Pace fruit stand.)

4 Responses

  1. I still might open my peaches up and can them. haha They might be a little mushy, though….

  2. Wow! Just wow! I am not sure if we are doing peaches this year and I don’t know how to tell the kids… Okay, I don’t know how to tell the big kid. I canned a pile o’ green beans, which is will appease the wee one. Girl loves her beans. 🙂

    Good luck!

    • mmm…I love home canned green beans! I’m afraid the two cases wasn’t enough, my hungry hubby ate TWO JARS yesterday. He was surprised when I pointed out we *do* have fresh fruit too 🙂

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