2012 Garden Plans (Seeds)

I have a goal this year- to plant every single seed I have.  This list is enormous- I KNOW.  It’s absurd.  That’s kind of the point.  I don’t want to have a box of half-used (or never used) seed packets at the end of the year- I want to be able to purchase my new seeds in the Spring, and just move forward!  So, we’ll see if I can reach my goal this year.  I think we might need to adopt a border collie- they herd, right?  So maybe one could keep my soon-to-be-walking son in the yard, so I could garden during his waking hours??  (Don’t let my grousing fool you- I am pretty much ridiculously excited by this list.)  These are the seeds, there are other plants I intend to transplant this month (rhubarb and mint and iris) and there will be potatoes again.  I have every one of these on hand, except for a very small handful.  Please tell me again and again that this list is nuts, so that I will get it all in the ground this year!

Here we go.



Early Wonder Beet

Green Mountain Broccoli

Brussels Sprouts

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Early Snowball Cauliflower

green onions


mesclun lettuce mix

giant musselburg leek

tendergreen mustard spinach

bok choi

alaska early bush pea

royal burgundy early bush beans

scarlet nantes coreless carrot


kandy korn sweet corn


spacemaster cucumber

ground cherry


garden sunshine pepper

buran pepper

chocolate beauty pepper

scarlet runner pole beans

new england sugar pie pumpkin

amish heirloom pumpkin

cherry belle radish

french breakfast radish

olympia spinach

rainbow blend swiss chard

toma verde tomatillo

ace 55 VF tomato

principe borghese tomato

yellow pear tomato

purple top white globe turnip

lemon queen sunflower

calypso pole bean

butternut vine squash

purple carrot

heavenly blue morning glory

chaters double mix hollyhock

patty pan type bush squash

4 Responses

  1. just out of curiosity, how much garden space do you have? is all of that going into the ground, or will some be in containers? I will have an extremely limited garden space this year, and I want to maximize the space. How do you do it?

    • @Erin-

      I’ll post some pictures of what we’re working with. I have four garden boxes, a strip along the driveway, and a border bed around part of our small lawn. I’ll be planting containers with what does well in containers around here. If you’re really looking to maximize space, take a look at companion planting. You can companion plant vertically- plant root crops with leafy crops, for example- as long as they don’t compete for the same nutrients, there’s plenty of space for both! Let me pull my stuff together and post it up, it will be a good exercise for me since I haven’t pulled them out for a year or two 🙂 (BUT…this list is enormous not because I have unlimited space, but because I have all these seeds in the cupboard! I want them gone 🙂


  2. So not nuts! You should see my dirty little seed secret box.

    Happy almost planting season!

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