Make a Wreath with Garden Cuttings

I finally dove into our busted bushes after the winter snow storm- six feet high, and all bowed to completely block our side path.  Definitely time to get a move on that chore, yeah?

bushes and fence

Part of the problem is that these bushes make bright red, gorgeous berries, in the Fall.  So, of course, I won’t let my husband prune them until the berries mature, and I’ve had a chance to get them all for myself.  Which means it never happened, I should never put chores off.  Then, add 8 inches of heavy snow, and voila: total obfuscation of the garden path.

I hacked my way through today, with some really strong snippers and loppers, and gathered as many berry heads as I could find.  The baby kept me company on a blanket on the lawn (totally normal behavior for February, right, sitting in parkas and ski caps on the lawn in the sun?) and I wove all the berries into my grapevine wreath.

berry wreath

berry wreath

berry wreath


So there you have it.  You can totally turn yard clippings into decor.

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  1. It turned out beautiful! I absolutely love it.

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