Garden Book


I started a garden book today- a running commentary on daily garden activities. One page for each day of the year, used year after year. A quick reference to remind myself that yes, we really waited that long for the tomatillos to ripen. I really did spend all July weeding.

Today I started my tomato nightshades, my cole crops, and my basil in the green house. I know the tomatoes, basil, and tomatillos will all come up when they’re good and ready. I have my doubts about the peppers and cabbage family plants. But, I’ve started them indoors three years in a row, and every year they all die off. So… Let’s live a little and try the greenhouse this time! Today was a pretty cold day, and the greenhouse registered 46, which was a bit warmer than outside. Let’s see if we get some sun and pop those seeds out of their shells!


4 Responses

  1. When we stop moving for work and have a permanent home, I would love a garden like that!

  2. Good idea!! I will do it too this year..

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