Kale Harvest

Ernie and I tramped outside tonight to harvest an armful of kale- it’s Russian Red kale, I planted it last Spring.  Yes, it’s still doing fine- I’m amazed!

red russian kale

I was surprised to see young growth on these plants-  there were large, old leaves yes, but clustered around their bases were bouquets of frisee-sized kale leaves.  Yum-mo.

I sliced up a red onion and a clove of last year’s elephant garlic, sauteed them down, then threw in the huge bowl of torn up leaves and a cup of chicken stock.  Cover it with a lid and let it cook for about 10 minutes, then throw it in a pot of hot pasta with about a cup of the pasta water and maybe 6 ounces of feta.  Stir it till the pasta water thickens up into a silky sauce and the cheese is totally melted in- one of my all time favorite meals!  The baby was shoving it in by the fistful, it was pretty funny.  (A more precise recipe is here, and it uses parmesan and lemon juice and other fancy things- also very good!)

pasta, braised kale and onions, in a feta sauce.  red cabbage coleslaw


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