Organized Simplicity: Chapter Four “Time is a Tool”

In this chapter, we talk about time being a tool- everyone gets 24 hours in a day!  If it seems to slip through your fingers, ask yourselves about these hot spots:

  • Too much screen time
  • Too much structured time for kids
  • Too much work- we need to work, yes, but work smart!

She gives a neat little exercise to evaluate our time

  1. Decide what your priority activities are
  2. List what you need to do
  3. List everything you do

What can you see that is ONLY on list number three?  If it’s not a priority to you, and it’s not a need, do you really want to spend time on it?

  • Ask yourself if you’re doing it to make somebody else happy- sometimes, that is a VALID reason to do it.  Sometimes, it isn’t.
  • Ask yourself if it’s really necessary to do, or is it just a habit?  Also, realize that some things are just part of the season of life you’re in.
  • Ask yourself if your work that you do is what you really need to be doing.  We need to work, yes, and it’s not always going to be our favorite thing to do, but it shouldn’t be soul crushing.
  • Make sure what when you have free time, it’s real free time- don’t waste time mindlessly doing an activity.  Do something you enjoy and that will really be enjoyable for you.
  • Change your habits- make sure your time choices reflect what’s important to you.

I can definitely see some things to think about in this chapter.  I’ve taught piano for 13 years- it’s good to sit back and ask myself why, and if I’m enjoying it (I am.  Mostly.)  I can see myself wasting time after the kids go to bed- I have hobbies that I’d like to be spending time on, but instead I fall down in the nearest chair and do whatever is close at hand (which normally involves reading blogs.)  I’ve made some definite choices with my time- I make most of our food, I garden, I home school.  All these things take up a lot of time, and if they’re not valuable activities to me, there’s no reason to be doing them!  After reading this chapter, I came to peace with some things, and called a friend who cleans houses.  It was a struggle for me to admit that my house is normally close to a disaster zone, with flour all over the kitchen, and mud from gardening boots in the entries.  Bits of paper from school projects lurk under the desks.  And please don’t ask me about the state of the kids’ bathtub, which serves to clean them up after all these activities!  But knowing that I’ve chosen to add a part-time job to my schedule (teaching piano and school), plus cooking and gardening… yes, I can not do it all.  And I’m trying to be at peace with that!


2 Responses

  1. ooohhhhh, I don’t know if I want to evaluate how I’m spending my time. I’d be even more aware of how much I’m wasting…….

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