Organized Simplicity: Checking In

Well.  I’m half-way through the House Purge of 2012.  I’m tired!!  I worked through all the non-food cupboards and drawers in my kitchen today, while the girls spent the afternoon at their cousins’ and the baby slept.  I knew this week would be rough on the kids, but it all came to a head today.  Working through the living room and school room were pretty easy- we’re in there anyway, the kids just did what they normally do, while I worked around them.  The kitchen was more daunting- how to open up all those locked cabinets and keep the contents away from the 14-month-old??  Why are the kids so bickery today?  (I made french toast for dinner, and the six-year-old had four slices.  I know they had a huge snack with their aunt.  I think they’re just crazy hungry today.)  

I’m filling up a spare room in the basement with everything we plan on getting rid of at our garage sale.  I have the most amazing idea: Everything for a Buck.  (Unless it’s something big, like the hubby’s bike wheels.)  It’s good, right?  It totally work at Target, in their dollar aisle.  Even though we’ll be part of a neighborhood-wide garage sale, I’m sure people will FLOCK to my driveway, to buy all this stuff, so I don’t have to haul it to the DI.  Or dump.  

The rooms that are done feel good.  Really good.  I know what’s in every drawer and on every shelf.  It’s all clean and organized.  All the junk is edited out, so it doesn’t feel so crowded.  We’re spending more time together in those rooms, just sitting.  My oldest daughter took her current embroidery project into the living room today, and worked on the couch.  The love seat/couch that’s no longer buried under 6 throw pillows.  

There are some things that are hard to edit, though.  Craft supplies are my bugaboo- I have a shelf in the school room packed with random stuff- old silk flowers, a fake pearl garland, big mailing tubes, rubber stamps, poster board, upholstery tacks, glittery puffy paint, etc.  It’s just all so COOL, and what if we want to make something out of it someday?  Never mine I’ve had a lot of it for over 5 years.  Or 15.  I’ve decided that having that space filled with “maybe someday” stuff is OK.

I’m excited to move forward through the rest of the house, but I really AM tired.  I think in the end it will be worth it- I’ll certainly be more careful about sticking stuff on shelves to be dealt with later!  After the kitchen is done, it will be time to get at the bathrooms and linen closet.  That won’t be too bad, especially since the cleaning part is under control.  (Thank you, Margarita and Salvador.  Hiring you is one of the nicest things I’ve ever done for myself!)  Then it’s the kids’ stuff, the master bedroom, and the entries/coat closet.  The kids’ rooms were pretty thoroughly gone through a few weeks ago- I’ll do it again, there’s more that needs to go, but I know I’ll appreciate the week I spent already.  The master bedroom is going to be killer.  The entries and coat closet won’t be so bad, I think.  But oh, the master bedroom.  So much stuff gets hidden in there, stashed away from the kids, or just stuck on a shelf when guests come.  

This is going to be SO WORTH IT WHEN IT’S DONE!  

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  1. I love the everything for a dollar idea for the garage sale. Smart! I’ve been really impressed reading your clutter challenge. You are doing a great job. Just wanted to comment and cheer you on.

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