Tomato Seedlings

Tomatoes, tomatillos, and basil are on their way! I planted these seed flats back in February, and they’re getting to the transplant stage now- I wait for them to either be about an inch high, or have at least buds of their first true leaves. When a seed sprouts, the leaves that emerge look nothing like the leaves of a mature plant! In past years, I’ve waited too long to transplant them to cups, waiting for fully formed true leaves. I wasted so much growing time…live and learn though!

My takeaway lesson this year will be to sprout the seeds indoors, where it’s warm, and then move them outside to grow. I think it will get me to this transplant stage a few weeks earlier. Tomatoes won’t go in the ground until probably late June- night time temperatures need to be above 55. Sometime in September or October rain and cooler days will come- it’s a balancing act trying to leave fruit to ripen, but to pull it before the plant starts to rot and shut down. So, these plants will have about 12 weeks in the sun.



4 Responses

  1. I love all this helpful info. Thanks.

  2. All my seedlings are turning yellow and I don’t now why. I’ve fertilized them…maybe I planted them in the ground too early. have yours ever done this? I Googled but found too many reasons for this.

    • If your nights are above 55, they should be fine outside. Is the ground still too wet to plant? When you squash a handful, it should hold together, and then break apart if you pass it hand to hand. Overwatering? Maybe the fertilizer was too strong in one area? I’ve never fertilized, so I don’t know. It’s still so early in the season- if all the plant looks sick and not just a few leaves, I’d probably tear them out and try again!

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