Organized Simplicity Chapter 15: Day 10, Entryways and Coat Closet

“We don’t need to increse our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants.  Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.”  — Donald Horban

You’ll need your cleaners and tools.

Coat Closet and Entryway

What is the purpose of the entryways and coat closet?  Yes, to come and go.  But they also set the tone for your home, and it’s the first thing guests see.  We can keep our daily essentials here, to make coming and going easier!  (Am I the only one who regularly misplaces her purse?)

OK, declutter first.  All the entries, and the coat closet.  Box up the coats and hats and scarves no one wears.  You probably store seasonal things here, but make sure there’s room for the things that actually belong in the coat closet (what was the purpose of it? Remember?)  If you want to add some spice to your closet, Tsh suggests painting the inside a fun color, maybe even taking the door off and making this into more of a nook.

Clean the front entry- wipe all the dust, get all the cobwebs, clean the finger prints off the door and door frame.

Now, organize the front entry.  If your coat closet doesn’t meet the need of “entry way dumping ground” for keys, purse, wallet, receipts, dog leash, etc. consider getting a small piece of furniture that will meet the need so your things have a home that makes sense.  I know our entry needs some work in this area- right now my purse ends up at the first place I sit down when I get home, keys go in a bowl at the top of the stairs, receipts go in a basket next to my computer, and my cell phone I NEVER know where it is.  Drives my Dad (who has been in telecom since it STARTED) absolutely bonkers.

Tsh gives some ideas of making this space work for you:

  1. Keep it all in the coat closet- add storage shelves with labeled baskets for everyone in the family, receipts, winter gear, outdoor toys, etc.
  2. Keep it organized and in the open- Build a vertical system by the front door, with a small footprint.  A little dresser, a book case with baskets, etc.  If you have an electrical outlet, keep your devices here when they charge- you can drill a hole in the back of your furniture to thread cords through so everything can charge out of sight.

A note about shoes: Tsh reminds us that in most cultures, they walk a lot.  Their shoes are dirty!  We don’t walk so much, so our shoes aren’t so dirty, and taking them off isn’t part of our culture when we enter a house.  If you DO wants guests to take them off, provide a shoe rack for guests to use, and an assortment of slippers.

Outside the Front Door

Clear out any dead plants on the porch, sweep, get rid of cobwebs.  Clean the welcome mat with some sudsy water and a scrub brush- if that doesn’t brighten it up, add “welcome mat” to your shopping list.  They’re not expensive.  Clean the door, the windows, the steps.  Clean clean!

Step back and see how it looks.  Cozy?  Inviting?  Would adding a potted plant help?  Decide what it needs.

Back Entry

This spot gets neglected!  Clear away the clutter, and clean it up.  Organize things- BBQ tools, gardening supplies, outdoor toys.  See if you have space to put out a little outdoor dining area.  I definitely want one of these- we have a nice, shady backyard for picnics in the summer, but no picnic table.  We sometimes carry the folding table out to the deck, but that’s a lot of bustle and hustle when I’m trying to finish up cooking dinner!  We installed a big patio in the front last year, too- I want to find a little bistro table for there as well.

Now.  You. Are. Finished.  Do you feel good?  Go do something fun!


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations!! Now? I think you should splurge on a little bistro table to match the chairs you already have. Something fun, that seats 4-5.

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